First of all, it should be noted that most oftenpainful sensations in the area of ​​the lymph nodes indicate that in this part of the body there is an infectious focus. For example, cervical nodes can become inflamed with an ear infection or sore throat, lymph nodes in the groin may be troubling if there is infection of the genitals. Lymph nodes can also become inflamed if a person has an infected wound on the body. And therefore, before you ask yourself how to treat lymph nodes in the groin or on the neck, you should establish the cause of their inflammation.

Inflamed lymph nodes are well probed atpalpation. They increase in size to a small pea, and sometimes there are more. Inflammation often continues for several weeks after the infection that provokes it. This phenomenon is especially common in children.

How to treat inflammation of the lymph nodes: methods

Do not forget that inflammation of the lymphaticnodes is only a side symptom, which says that there are some failures in the body. Therefore, the main treatment should be directed at eliminating the focus of infection. However, there are a number of therapeutic measures that are aimed specifically at removing the inflammation of the limus nodes, they can be used as part of complex treatment.

  • One effective method, how to treatlymphonoduses - tincture or a syrup on the basis of a grass of an echinacea. This plant has strong antiseptic properties. Tincture is taken 10 drops four times a day. Droplets should be diluted in 50 ml of water and drunk at a salvo. You can also use syrup, following the enclosed instructions, or dry grass, powdered into powder - a quarter teaspoon four times a day. Echinacea can cause unpleasant side effects: nausea, stomach pain, vomiting. In this case, the drug should be discontinued.
  • The second way, how to treat inflamed lymph nodes -Enhanced intake of vitamin C. Vitamin C activates the ability of leukocytes to kill bacteria, and also increases the number of leukocytes in the blood. The recommended daily dose of 750 mg, take the drug 3 times a day for 250 mg. In some cases, the daily dose may be increased to 1500 mg per day, 500 mg per dose.
  • You can also use fir, pine or spruce syrup. Good help is a decoction of chicory or blueberry tincture.
  • You can make a compress of celandine. From the plant squeeze the juice and dilute alcohol in a proportion of one to one.
  • Traditional medicine recommends using the healing properties of the green jadeite stone. Apply to the swollen glands a stone for at least ten minutes several times a day.

When solving the problem, how to treat lymph nodes inneck, in the groin, in the occipital part or in the axillary region, you can use either one of the above methods, and everything in the complex, especially in the case of a severe prolonged disease.

How to treat lymph nodes in children

When treating lymph nodes in children, you can use the same methods as for adults. However, the dosage of medications should be checked with your doctor.

Additionally, various compresses can be usedand baths. Well helps the decoction of walnut leaves, added to the bath during bathing, you can use ichthyol ointment, Vishnevsky ointment, camphor oil, you can make a local compress from a peppermint.

But do not forget that the inflammation of the lymph nodesmay be a symptom of the most serious diseases, and if you can not determine the cause of the inflammation, if the inflammation occurs often enough or does not occur within three weeks, then it is mandatory to contact specialists. To you or your child a comprehensive examination will advise you to undergo the necessary physiotherapeutic procedures. For example, warming up, which is especially helpful in inflammation of the lymph nodes in the neck, caused by cold or infectious diseases.

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