Everyone should know about their physiology andstructure of your body. This is necessary not only for general educational purposes, but also for the purposes of diagnosing and preventing their diseases. Not always with accuracy we can determine what exactly is hurting us. However, we are keenly aware of the location of the focus of pain. Knowledge of those organs that are in the painful epicenter will help us to guess the causes of the disease. Let's see where the lymph nodes are. So:

Where are the lymph nodes in humans?

Lymph nodes are located near the lymphaticvessels, blood vessels and large veins. Thus, the lymph nodes can be found throughout the human body. They are usually arranged in clusters of ten.

It should be noted that the amount of lymphaticnodes in the human body is large enough. They are from 500 to 700 pieces. There are several states of the lymph nodes. Normal state - this is a small formation of ovoid or spherical shape. They have a soft consistency. The pathological condition is enlarged lymph nodes that are in a firm consistency and can cause painful sensations.

We hope that you, dear reader, have received an answer to the question of the location of the lymph nodes in the human body. The main conclusion is that they are in the whole body evenly.

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