In Florida, the first stage of racing on the dronesThe newly created League of Racing Drones. The test flight was conducted at the home stadium of the team "Miami Dolphins" - San Life-Steadium. The essence of the races is simple - the drones must fly the track, designated by light objects like fluorescent lamps, as quickly as possible. Racers, controlling drones, compete in virtual reality glasses, to which the video signal from cameras on drones is transmitted. Spectators can also watch races through cameras on drones.

It should be noted that the view from the speeding120 km / h of drones is very exciting, and league-based investors, including the soloist of The Muse group Matt Bellamy, knowingly hope to become NASCAR and Formula 1 in the world of racing drones.

What a person sees when driving a drone

Here the drone competes with Porsche 911

Drone vs wall

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