The 31-year-old resident of Bali, Wayan Sumardan (WayanSumardana) works as a welder and has been living with a "bionic hand" of his own production for six months. His left limb was paralyzed: the Indonesian himself does not know what exactly happened to her.

With the help of Sumardan's spare partsconstructed an external prosthesis for the hand. According to the man, the movements are controlled by a US-made sensor (costing about $ 330), located on the head and reading signals from the brain.

In order for the information to be recognized correctly,it is necessary to concentrate on the necessary action, Sumardan said. The processor, located on the back, processes this information and transforms it into commands for a mechanical hand.

The only problem with the arm is a quick flowbatteries, while it should be charged from midnight to 7 am, says Sumardan. "If you lift heavy loads, the charge is consumed faster. If only she could work longer, "- complained the author of the invention.

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