The industry of mountain bike in Russia has its own,Quite a strange way. Before she was born, she began to die. Year-round infrastructure for training, regular competitions, full-fledged sponsorship contracts - all this is not about it. Because of this, with age, even incredibly talented guys are betting on something else: live skating in Russia is impossible.

5 years, we saved the anger to make this film. We again gathered all together to show a great shiny backside to the existing system, under which we ourselves practically bent. And we give you a chance to assess whether we were able to do it!

This is a completely non-commercial film, shot only thanks to the desire of the participants to cheer up this fucked up industry in Russia!
And we hope that you will not want to tear yourself away from the screen for a second and want to see more.

P.S. Live to the fullest and do not be afraid to appear sick!

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