If you have small muscles and you want to become larger, our article will tell you what to do. So, let's find out how to become bigger.


Of course, first of all, you need physical exercise. You have to play sports every day. Naturally, it is better to go to the gym, where you will pick up the optimal load.

Whatever exercise you would not perform, you musttrain with a low number of repetitions and heavy weights. Useful power movements - jerks and traction. It's good to use dumbbells and barbells. You can try squats while using heavy weight.

More information about the various exercises and exercises can be found here: Exercises and training.


Without calories, your muscles will not grow. Therefore, in order to build muscle, you need to consume more calories. In your diet must be present protein (meat and fish), and also need creatine. Creatine is a nutritional supplement that causes fluid retention in the muscles. In addition, you need a protein drink, which is better to use after training. There are better small portions, but often. A rich breakfast should be obligatory for you.


How amazing it would not seem, formuscle building needs a full sleep. It is necessary to sleep about eight hours a day. In addition, every two months you must skip classes in the gym and indulge in active rest. It can be anything other than lifting weights.

So, to become larger, you need proper nutrition and, of course, intensive and daily exercise, as well as active rest.

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