The reasons why you can not type for a long timethe desired muscle mass can be different. These are excessive or insufficient training, ignoring the rules of sports nutrition, psychological difficulties. Those who are not happy with their figure, will help to correct the situation recommendations from experienced bodybuilders. Observing simple rules, you can quickly puff up even at home without visiting the gym.

Recipe for Bodybuilders

On how quickly to pour and find the idealform, it is best to tell those who have already succeeded. Experienced bodybuilders recommend constantly increasing the load. Stress, which falls on the muscles, should increase with each training: this leads to an increase. The correct psychological attitude is also important: you need to worry not about increasing the biceps, but about increasing the weight of the bar.

This strategy is effective at first, however,in connection with the adaptation of the body to a certain level of load, eventually begins to gradually fail. The output will be a temporary decrease in the intensity of employment or a complete rejection of them. It is necessary to allow the muscles to weaken, to reduce their adaptation to stress. After a short rest, a return to regular training and a previous strategy will again bring noticeable results. We recommend reading the article on the topic - How to quickly pump up muscles.

Diet for muscles

How can I quickly puff myself without special food? No, so pay attention to the following recommendations.

  • The optimal volume of protein is 1.5 grams per kilogram of its weight. The focus is on veal, chicken, fish, dairy products and other foods high in protein. In small quantities, beef and pork are connected.
  • The best protein is perceived by the body beforelunch, also it is effective in the first two hours after training. Rapid growth of muscles will ensure a mandatory breakfast, a small amount of carbohydrates and proteins half an hour later and a tight meal 2 hours after classes.
  • The feeling of hunger should immediately be repaid with light foods, without interfering with animal fats and sweet dishes.
  • Do not allow long-term breaks in the diet, as a result of which the body replenishes energy reserves due to muscle proteins. Must have a snack between breakfast and lunch.
  • A tight dinner is the way to accumulation of excess weight, rather than pumping muscles.

More detailed instructions you can find in the article - How to pump up the body quickly.

Effective Exercises

If the gym is not planned, home training will be the answer. Every day they should pay at least an hour, further increasing their own weight with a backpack with a heavy object.

  • How to quickly pumped up at home with pull-ups? Set the crossbar at home or buy a bar for everyone at home. Pulling up is extremely useful for the muscles of the back, arms and abdominals. In particular, if you do not forget about the correct breathing and gradually increase the number of pull-ups. While exercising, you should constantly change the position of your hands, wrapping the bar top and bottom.
  • Push-ups are best done on tight fists todo not strain your wrists. You can start with five approaches, constantly increasing the load. Push-ups are useful for the body as a whole, especially for triceps and pectoral muscles.
  • Do not forget about the exercises for the press. Lifts are most conveniently performed by finding a fulcrum (this can be an ordinary battery, under which the legs are placed). Beginning with eight repetitions, each rise is desirable to accompany the corners of the body to the right and left.
  • And, finally, sit-ups that develop the muscles of the legs and back (when using extra weight). It is important that the back remains flat.

The lessons must necessarily enda little rest and be daily. Of course, waiting for the results in the first week is not worth it, however for the first month with a daily training you can see your achievements. Read more about this in the article - How to get pumped for a month.

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