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How to pump up your hands with dumbbells?

In order to pump your hands with dumbbells,it will take a lot of perseverance and endurance. Before starting the classes, it's best to make sure that you have seriously set yourself this task and will not relax. Otherwise, there is a risk of wasting time. Consider how to pump up the muscles of the arms with dumbbells, and start with the correct weight selection.

Selection of dumbbells

For the right choice of weights the dumbbells cost firstto understand what "muscle failure" is. In an accessible language, muscle failure is a condition of the muscles in which they can not accomplish another exercise approach. That is, when you have made three approaches and the next one does not master, this is a muscle failure. The choice of the weight of dumbbells is repelled by this concept. Typically, the desired weight is selected in the following way:

  1. Decide on the number of repetitions of the exercise that you will perform.
  2. Choose the optimal weight, in your opinion, which will allow you to perform 10 repetitions, observing the technique of the exercise.
  3. In the event that you were able to perform 10 repetitions, keep this weight. He is suitable.
  4. If you could perform less than 10 repetitions, then the weight should be reduced. If you leave the mark 10 times, then increase the weight.

For beginners, it is recommended to conduct a specialA journal in which all exercises and the weight used for them will be marked. Thus, you can control the process and see how you are doing well in your hard work. Within the framework of the article, we will mainly consider exercises on the biceps and shoulders. If you want to master a group of muscles of the hands as a whole, we recommend reading the article How to pump the triceps with dumbbells.

How to pump up your hands with dumbbells: Exercises

There is a large number of exercises that effectively develop hands, and only dumbbells are used. Let's consider some of them.

Dumbbells in front of you in turn

pump up one's hands

Legs shoulder width apart. The back holds straight, so as not to overload it again. We keep the dumbbells in our hands. In turn, raise the dumbbell above shoulder level. Exercise has a good effect on the deltoid muscles and trains your shoulders well. For those who want to learn more about exercises with dumbbells for the shoulders, we recommend the article How to pump up the shoulders.

Alternating lifting dumbbells in the sitting position

pump up one's hands

The exercise is done sitting. The back should be kept exactly, do not forget to control breathing. Dumbbells are held in lowered hands, palms forward. We bend our arms alternately in the elbows and do not forget about the even posture. Exercise develops the biceps.

It is recommended to perform 4 approaches 8-10 times. If you want to pump more and biceps forearms, you should read the article How to pump up the forearm.

How to pump up dumbbells

For the weaker sex, too, there are special exercises with dumbbells. We will list a couple of the most popular and at the same time safe exercises.

Hand removal

Dumbbells in the lowered arms or hand, legs or foots on width of shoulders, a back equal. In this position, we take our hands back and on exhalation we return to the starting position. Perform about 10 times per call.

pump up one's hands

Flexion of the arms in the elbow joint

Dumbbells in the lowered hands palms forward. Alternately raise them to the chest, bending at the elbow. Exercise should be done slowly to strain the muscles. 10-15 times per approach.

More exercises with dumbbells for girls you can learn from the article How to pump muscle to a girl.

In conclusion, it is worth recalling that only perseverance will help you pump your hands with dumbbells. A quick and easy way, as promised in advertising, does not exist.

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