Coming to drying the body for the first time, it is very importantunderstand the essence of the process. What is drying? This is the process of burning fat without losing muscle mass. His goal - to achieve muscle relief. Drying can be done only at a sufficient level of muscle mass.

Muscle building occurs only withsimultaneous increase in fat is usually in a ratio of 50/50. If weight training and nutrition are not built correctly, it is possible to increase the mass of fat and muscles in a ratio of 75/25.

Lose weight and at the same time increase the muscles is impossible, except that using steroids, which harms health.

Basics of effective body drying

  1. Dietary high-protein food.
  2. Training (combination of power and aerobic loads).
  3. Admission of supporting vitamin-mineral complexes, drugs (for professional athletes) and water.

The drying of the body for girls is based on the same principles as for men. Differences are individual in nature and mainly affect the duration and intensity of the stages.

Women do not want to dry longer than 6-7 weeks, since the percentage of body fat directly depends on the menstrual cycle. To sit on diets with a low fat content is not worth it for the same reason.

Preparation of muscles for drying involves consultationat the doctor (if there were problems with health) and calculation of calories. For men per kilogram of weight, you need 3 grams of protein, 1 gram of fat and 2 grams of carbohydrates. For women - 2 grams of protein and 1 gram of fats and carbohydrates.

Contraindications to drying

  • Accelerated metabolism (the diet will further accelerate it, which is fraught with health problems);
  • Diabetes;
  • Renal failure, liver disease, pancreas, gastrointestinal tract;
  • Pregnancy and lactation.

Meals during the drying period

To dry properly, girls and men need to adhere to the following dietary rules:

  1. Decrease in calorie content by 500-1000 kcal due toreducing the amount of carbohydrates and saturated fats, increasing the protein mass in the diet. This means that pork, veal, sweets, flour products - in the past.
  2. Fractional meals (5-6 times a day), compulsory breakfast.
  3. Refusal of fried foods, canned food, semi-finished products, alcohol, mayonnaise, ketchup and sauces.
  4. Consumption of 2.5-3 liters of water per day.

What products should I use if I decided to dry?

  • Buckwheat and oatmeal porridge;
  • Wild brown rice;
  • Lean white fish;
  • Chicken breast;
  • Squid fillets;
  • Egg whites;
  • Containing a minimum of carbohydrates vegetables - zucchini, cabbage, cucumbers, various greens;
  • Low-fat dairy products;
  • Beans, soybeans, lentils;
  • Fruitless fruit.

It should be remembered that the food needs to be cooked or cooked for a couple, not a bit annoying, as the salt delays the water in the body.

The process of reducing the amount of carbohydrates in food looks like this:

  1. On the 1-2-nd week, it is necessary to remove sweet and flour from the diet, replacing them with fruits and porridges;
  2. 2 nd week - reduced portions of cereals and fruit;
  3. 3-rd week - refusal of fruit, porridge can be eaten only before lunch;
  4. The 4th week is the use of minimal volumes of carbohydrates.

Important! It is not worth completely giving up carbohydrates in the diet, as this can lead to the accumulation of ketone bodies in the body, which will lead to severe consequences up to the coma.

It is only natural that in connection with the restriction of the caloric content of the diet during drying, a person will feel hunger, and this can provoke a breakdown. You can protect yourself by following some tips:

  • To drink warm green tea or water - they remove "hunger spasms";
  • Walk more often - such walks reduce appetite;
  • Use small vegetables for a snack;
  • Before the main meal, eat a little sea kale or radish - this contributes to rapid saturation, and at the same time, the food is digested longer;
  • Take protein shakes and vitamin-mineral complexes.

Strengths and aerobic loads

The result of proper drying for men and women is fat burning and muscle relief without detriment to healthy well-being. Equally important are aerobic and power loads.

  • Aerobic activities include half-hour jogging, cycling, fast walking within 30-40 minutes, swimming. Too long training will lead to loss of muscle mass.
  • Strength training (no longer than 45 minutes) shouldinclude basic exercises, that is, in the performance of which several muscle groups participate, - bench press, squats with a bar. Ideal - working with less weight, but with a large number of approaches, as well as performing various exercises with its own weight of 20-30 repetitions.

To dry properly, power trainingsrecommend to combine with pumping. The essence of the latter is the repeated execution of strength exercises with a relatively small weight and short respites. As a result, the muscles are intensely enriched with blood, which contributes to their growth. Physiologically this process is felt as a muscle "bursting".

Pumping exercises include a grouphigh-intensity techniques (negatives, incineration and forced repetitions), drop sets and supersets, partial repetitions, peak contraction and pre-fatigue.

  • Negatives are the method by which an athlete lifts the weight with the help of a partner, and lowers it himself.
  • Burning - quick and short exercise in the phase of fatigue to a burning sensation in the muscles.
  • Forced repetitions combine the advantages of the two previous methods.
  • Drop-sets - performance of the set "to the limit", followed by a weight reduction of 25%.
  • Supersets - the combination of two different exercises on the same group of muscles without rest.
  • Partial repetition - performing exercises with an amplitude of 2 or 4 times less than usual.
  • Peak contractions are the retention of the ultimate tension of the working muscle.
  • Pre-fatigue is the execution of an isolation exercise with a rapid transition to a basic one.

The sequence of training for muscle drying should be as follows: first the aerobic part, and then the power one. Also they can be divided: three times a week - power trainings, twice - aerobic.

The golden rule of drying: do not abuse diets, do not overload the body with exercises, rest well, protect yourself from stress. A balanced approach is a healthy and beautiful body.

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