Building a beautiful tight body with playingunder the skin of the muscles is impossible in a short period of time. Therefore, the answer to the question of how quickly to pump up, sounds like this: no way. But to provide the muscles with optimal growth, not attending the fitness hall and the specialist-trainer, contrary to the popular opinion it is possible, only it is necessary to tune in to serious, painstaking and long work.

Organization yourself

First, prepare yourself for what you needfight yourself. With their habits, laziness, painful feelings, etc. The fact is that creating a beautiful, inflated body without harm to health will only come about if you follow the diet and exercise regimen. That's why have patience. Your faithful assistants will become dreams and motives, therefore, when you are going to skip 1-2 approaches or drink some amount of alcohol for dinner instead of a protein cocktail, remember how you want to look and what you want to achieve.

Catering services

It should be remembered that the work of muscles requireshigh-grade quality food. According to numerous studies, the diet of most modern people is oversaturated with fats and carbohydrates, but the protein (the main building material for cells) there is an extreme shortage.

That is why the first step is to establishnutrition, calculate the necessary rate of calorie intake, taking into account physical activity and monitor the balance of protein fats and carbohydrates in food. Note that since you plan to perform physical exercises, you need to provide the body with at least 1.5 g of protein per 1 kg of weight. The amount of fat (it is desirable to use useful fats instead of transgenic) is taken at the rate of 0.8-1 g, and carbohydrates at least 2 g per 1 kg of initial body weight. However, the amount of carbohydrates should be reduced to 1 g per 1 kg of body weight, if you plan to slightly correct the contours of the body. Read more about changing the silhouette in the article: How to tighten the body.

In addition, you need to limit the consumption of sweetmuffins and other products of flour, soft food, fast food, too fatty food, alcohol. It is in this area that you will have to control yourself especially. After an excessive excess of calorie intake will lead to an increase in the fat layer (which means that there will be no relief), and inadequate nutrition can damage health, cause fatigue, impairment of appetite and other somatic diseases.

To control food intake You can create a paper diary orelectronic on various online services. Internet diaries have the advantage that they already have data on the caloric content and nutritional value of a variety of products.

Separately it is necessary to say about the useprotein coctails and other additives as substitutes for protein foods. Evaluate your current diet for protein adequacy, if necessary, increase the intake of protein foods of animal origin, if in this case you also understand that there is little protein in the diet, get the norm with special additives. However, do not completely cover the entire daily rate.

System of training

First, determine which shells or theirsubstitutes are at your fingertips: can, for a long time the dumbbells, a bar or a horizontal bar wait for the hour? Then, when developing a training system, use them in exercises. If the bar and the beams are not at home, they can be found in the nearby schoolyard or on the playground. Giri can be tried to replace with bottles filled with water, sand or stones, but it is better to buy collapsible dumbbells.

Do not need to train daily, because it's been a long timethe fact that muscles grow during rest period is proved, and fiber destruction directly under load. On the features of training at home read in the article How to correctly swing at home.

The optimal system of training is 3 times ina week. Choose the exercises that suit you for the main muscle groups. For example, about working on the muscles of the back, read here: How to pump up your back at home. About the development of the press you will learn from our article: How to pump up the press at home. Information on exercises for pectoral muscles can be found here: How to pump the pectoral muscles in the home.

Also, do not forget to include exercises formuscles of the hands. For biceps and triceps pull up on the bar is suitable, and for the legs do squats with your weight or with the bar. Remember that you need to start small, gradually increasing the load. The most accurate determinant of the end of the approach will be your feelings. The last 1-2 repetitions in the approach should be carried out not through force, but with difficulty.

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