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How to squat to pump up the buttocks?

Many girls dream of beautiful forms, but forIt is necessary to work on the adjustment of the figure. Today, let's talk about how to achieve a beautiful shape of the buttocks with the help of exercises. The most popular form of training is squats.

We must be ready for the fact that in a week the figurewill not change radically. Two months is the minimum period. Squats will take 15-20 minutes a day, such training should take place at least 4 times a week. Let's consider in detail how to squat to pump up the buttocks.

Basic Exercises

At first, simple exercises are mastered, and then complex, with complex impact. And simple squats are even more useful than "cunning" complexes.

  1. Simple squatting. Stand on the mat, feet shoulder width apart. At first, we slowly squat down 15-20 cm, push the ass back, keep our back straight. Continue squats, between the shin and thigh angle should be 45 degrees. 4-5 seconds stand in this position and return to the original position. Exercise should be repeated 8-10 times. The main thing in this process is not to rush or bend your back, otherwise the risk of damage to the tissues of the spine is great. If you move correctly, then not only the buttocks will be strengthened, but also the muscular corset of the back, side, thigh, shin, and press. In addition, sit-ups improve the circulation of the abdominal organs, which is useful for overall health and well-being.
    Squatting Plie
  2. Squat "plie". This is exactly the same exercise, only the legs in the starting position are wider than the shoulders, the socks are divorced on the sides, as in the choreography, close to the first position. Slowly we fall downwards to achievement of position, as if you sit on a chair. We hold the position for 4-5 seconds and rise. Repeat the exercise 10 times.
  3. The next exercise is similar to the previous one, only the stops are put close to each other. We perform such squats in the same unhurried pace, repeat 10 times.
  4. Complicating squats and performing a "curtsey". We get up in the usual position, we put our feet at the width of the shoulders. The right leg is brought back and slightly pushed behind the left, we put it on the toe. In order not to swing and not to fall, we strain the muscles of the whole body, we pull the crown to the ceiling. In this position, we begin squats, not forgetting to keep exactly back, pushing the ass back. The knee of the right foot can touch the floor. We perform 5 sit-ups, then change our legs and perform 5 more times.

Complicating gymnastics for the buttocks

In complex exercises is also important correctlycrouch for the buttocks to get a good result in a short period. If it's difficult for you to keep your back perfectly flat, put on a corset or a strong high fit. Heels during performance of squats should rest against the floor. Do not hold your breath, breathe smoothly and calmly: on the squat we breathe in; returning to the starting position, we exhale. Be sure to strain the muscles of the back and the press - they will help you squat and do not overstrain the gluteus muscles and thigh muscles.

If you have mastered the simple exercises, we offer you a few complicated ones.

  1. We occupy the usual starting position standing, feet onshoulder width. The right foot is placed on the toe, the heel is severed severely, the weight of the body is transferred to the left leg. Do squatting, as described above in simple exercises. We change the leg after the five sit-ups and perform five more on the other leg.
  2. Performing the following exercise is especially importantremember how to squat right for the buttocks, how to keep your back and heels together. It is necessary to stand right side to the back of the chair, hold fast for her with your right hand. The left leg should be raised by 90 degrees, you can slightly bend at the knee. We hold the foot in this position for 4 seconds, push the ass back and crouch according to all the rules, keeping the foot on the weight. We return to the starting position, we lower the leg. We perform the exercise 3 times, turn to the chair with the other side and do sit-ups 3 more times. So you can very well pump up the buttocks, press, muscle corset and legs.
  3. If you have a step or a small housea wooden bench, you can use them for jumping. We get up to the position of "feet together," and in the jump we raise our legs, land on the step and squat on it, feet shoulder-width apart. We go from steppe without a jump. Repeat 10 times.

To achieve a quick result, it is important to perform the systematically, without "time off". Make yourself a schedule of classes (for example, classes every other day) and strictly follow it.

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