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How to increase the number of pull-ups?

Pulling on the crossbar is one of thebasic exercises for the development of the muscles of the back, chest and hands. If you want to increase the number of pulls on the bar, but do not know what means to achieve this, the recommendations given here will help you perform up to 25 pulls in one approach.

How to increase the number of pulls on the bar

As a rule, the most common problem with a small number of pull-ups is weak pulling muscles. It is these muscles that are responsible for lifting the trunk on the crossbar.

Consider a technique from which you will learn how toincrease the number of pull-ups. Even if you do not have the perfect technique for doing this exercise, or if you do not recover well after training, this technique will help you. By the way, you can read about the technique of performing pull-ups from our article - How to learn to pull yourself up.

The first approach

Do a warm-up for warming up the biceps and triceps, also warm up the hands well for a confident grip. Grasp the bar with a straight grip and tighten.

Fix your body in a position wherethe chin will be above the crossbar. Hang in this position for about a minute. If you feel that you are beginning to descend, then make a jerk and rise.

After a minute, start pulling. Do them at the usual pace, but not dropping to the bottom, but half-bending your hands. Do as many pulls as you can. Try to squeeze a maximum out of you, until you need to swing for lifting (so you do not need to tighten).

After you understand that you raise the bodycan not anymore, just hang on the bar. This is necessary in order to strain the tendons and hammer the elbow joints. After you finally get tired, you need to rest before the second approach 5 - 7 minutes.

The second approach

In this approach, it is necessary to carry out pull-the classical scheme. Take hold of the horizontal bar straight grip and begin to pull up until the forces run out. After the stagnation begins (lack of strength to lift the trunk), it is necessary to stop the occupation and start the next day with the first approach.

Recommendations for lessons on this program

Frequency of lessons

In order for the classes to be maximallyare effective and at the same time develop your muscles, do not need to practice every day. The muscles need to be given time to recover. Training on this technique is best done according to the standard scheme (Monday, Wednesday, Friday).

State of health

When using this technique is very importantkeep track of your well-being after class. Normal feeling of fatigue is considered, but not pain in muscles. Muscles can be sick in the first classes only for beginners. If you are already

You have experience in strength training, the presence of muscle pain can provoke some diseases. In this case, breaks between sessions should be increased.

Breathing and ways of doing the exercise

When moving down the crossbar, you need to doa deep breath, and when lifting the body up you need to breathe out all the air, without delaying breathing. Perform the exercise on both the first and the second approach should be smoothly and slowly. If you want this exercise to develop different muscle groups, then you can alternate the grips (back and forth). What muscles work with different grips, you can learn from the article - What muscles work when pulling.

Since this method of increasing the number ofpull-ups on the bar require not only strength, but also endurance, for high-quality training it should also pay special attention to cardio. If you want to learn to pull yourself up using only one hand, our article will help you - How to pull yourself up on a bar with one hand.

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