Beautiful slender legs are not just a dreamfemale representatives, but also one of the main factors that men pay special attention to. Therefore, beautiful ladies really want to know how to make your legs slimmer, to look stunning. In the article, the most common effective methods are worked out, allowing to achieve the desired effect. It will be both a visual way to help make your legs slim, and well-known procedures for weight loss.

How to lose weight in the legs

Full legs - a great discomfort for any woman, so many ladies are wondering how to make the legs more slender. The answer to it is the following most effective ways:

  • proper nutrition;
  • physical exercises;
  • simulators.

If you have full legs and you want to lose weight, youwill have to revise their diet. So, you need to reduce the number of calories consumed per day to 500. To do this, use more food for vegetables and fruits, and do not neglect diets aimed specifically at losing weight in the leg area.

Exercise is the most effective wayto achieve harmony of legs. It is necessary to choose their types, in which the load is concentrated on the lower part of the trunk. This is, first of all, active walking, running, jumping rope, swimming and cycling. Fitness specialists recommend that such activities take at least three hours a week.

In order to remove fat from the top of the legsideally suits with dumbbells, which direct the main load on the muscles of the thighs and buttocks. To lose weight the lower part is advised to make attacks: a big step forward is made by the right foot, gradually bending it in the knee until the other leg touches the floor. The same is done with the left foot. Exercise should be done 10-15 times.

A good way to lose weight legs are alsovarious simulators in the gym. They allow you to increase and activate muscle mass, which means rapid burning of calories. After all, the higher the percentage of muscles of the body, the less fat tissue.

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How to visually make your legs slimmer

In addition to burning calories and losing weight in the legs, you can also wear clothes that will help create the desired effect. Here is a list of ways to make your legs visually slimmer:

  • Flesh-colored shoes with high heels and a platform with colorless pantyhose or stockings merge with a shade of legs, creating the effect of long and slender legs.
  • Dark trousers or black tights visuallyslender legs, especially in combination with a wide jacket or blouse. Due to this combination, the upper part acquires an optical volume, against which the legs seem more slender.
  • Dresses or skirts midi, covering the knees, can visually stretch the silhouette, giving it slenderness. Shoes with these outfits should be on a high platform or heel.
  • Fancy dresses that barely cover the knee, can also create the effect of slender legs due to the volume in their upper part. The so-called "style tulip" can be an excellent option.
  • Summer trousers made of lightweight fabric can contribute to the slender legs, if they are slightly longer than them and will cover a high heel.

Many women do not know how to make thin legsshapely. In fact, for thin legs also there are different ways to help achieve the effect of harmony. Pants flared, long skirts and sarafans can be an ideal clothing option for owners of thin legs. Do not neglect jeans and pants in the classical style, however, if the legs are very crooked, then it is better to refuse this choice.

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