In order to pump muscle at allalways every day "disappear" in the gym and eat protein blends. With proper diligence, it is possible to successfully train at home. When attending to training, it is important to focus not on how quickly to pump muscles, but on how to do it correctly.

How to quickly pump up muscles: tips

In order to independently pump the muscles, it is not necessary to know the super complicated training techniques of the special forces. It is enough to observe the following rules during training:

  1. Do all the exercises at a fast pace. In bodybuilding, there are special training programs that prescribe a slow pace of exercise. However, the high-speed method actively involves the rapidly shrinking muscle fibers and stimulates the most active muscle growth. In addition, with a fast type of exercise, fat is effectively burned, muscle tone is activated in general, which helps to look slimmer. To test the effectiveness of quick exercises, start exercising at a fast pace with small-weight dumbbells for the growth of the deltoid muscle. Example exercises: bench dumbbell sitting, breeding with dumbbells standing and in the slope.
  2. Perform one-way exercises. For example, when practicing with heavy dumbbells, you should train each hand in turn. Although it takes twice as long to perform such exercises, you can not neglect them, you should count them with two-way and explosive movements. An example of the correct sequence of exercises: first we do classical sit-ups, then squats in one-legged incidence (alternately for both legs), we end up with squats with jumping.
  3. Preheat the muscles. To effectively increase the growth of a certain group of muscles, they should be slightly heated before training. For example, before pulling up, try to make vertical traction with straight arms - you will clearly feel how the "broadest muscle in the back" will work. To inflate the quadriceps, before squats, you should make side attacks - this will give a good impulse to rapid muscle growth.
  4. Touch the working muscles. Perhaps this is a somewhat unusual, but still effective way of how to quickly pump up the muscles. For this, while performing one-sided exercises, touch the working muscle with a free hand. This manipulation sends signals to the brain and muscle, which leads to the activation of muscle fibers.
  5. Reduce training time. This is another useful way of how to quickly pump up muscles. Do not stretch time, try to finish the training in less time (the amount of work should not be reduced at the same time). This approach significantly increases the intensity of training, which gives an impetus to the growth of muscle fat burning.
  6. Eat right. Your menu should be balanced, high in calories with a high protein content. Eating should be 4-6 times a day. If you have extra weight, then before quickly pumping the muscles of the house - discard it. The fact that excess fat can be pumped into muscles is a myth.

Exercises for rapid muscle pumping

For home training enough to equipsimple horizontal bar (crossbar in the doorway) and buy dumbbells of different weights. Examples of exercises and their execution can be found in the network, just type in the search engine: how to pump up the muscles of the house video. We offer you the simplest and most necessary set of exercises, which you can first do five times in several approaches. In the future - until complete muscle fatigue. Exercises are as follows:

  1. Pulling. The crossbar is wrapped around the "palms to yourself", the arms are held on the width of the shoulders. When pulling, we breathe in on the ascent - exhalation on the descent. Then we change the position of the hands (from ourselves) and tighten so that the crossbar is behind the head. The width of the grip gradually increases. Pulling up helps muscle growth on the arms, back, abdominal press.
  2. Push ups. They can be done on fists or with weighting. The load at push-up gets the whole body, but most of all the pectoral muscles and triceps develop.
  3. Pumping the press. The options for how to do this exercise are many. For example, after finding the support for the feet, we gradually rise and fall, alternating with each rise the corners of the body to the left and to the right.
  4. Squatting. In classical sit-ups, the arms should be stretched forward, the back is even, the legs are shoulder-width apart.

Periods of rest between exercises must be gradually reduced.

Why can not I quickly pump up muscles?

Getting down to class and figuring out how you canit is important to understand that every human body is unique. Therefore, someone's muscles grow right before our eyes, and somebody can not get the desired result. The fact is, the growth of muscles can occur unevenly, alternating with long periods of calm. Sometimes it is not possible to pump muscles quickly because of malnutrition. If one group of muscles does not grow, then the reason for this may be errors in the technique of performing the exercises.

Now you are aware of how quickly to pump the muscles at home. Desire and persistence in achieving a goal are the most important qualities that you need to maintain an excellent physical shape.

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