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How to remove the sides of the hoop?

In the struggle for the perfect body, all means are good. But it is often impossible to get rid of the most problematic zone, namely the sides. And at this moment, many people remember about the hoop. After all, from school we were told that this sports simulator can bring huge benefits not only to health, but also to the figure. Therefore, many girls are wondering whether it is possible to remove the sides with the help of a hoop, and if so, how best to do it.

Choose the right hoop

Regular training with this simulator canto significantly adjust the figure. But before looking for an answer to the question, whether the hula hoop removes the side, it is necessary to determine the type of the necessary simulator. Today on the shelves you can see three of it

various types: plastic, iron and hulaohup, which has special roller inserts on its inner part.

Plastic wrap is not worth using. It has a small weight and is more suitable for children. It is better to give preference to either a conventional iron simulator, or hulauchup.

Hulahop differs from the usual hoop not onlypresence of special inserts, but also by its shape. It is wider, heavier. During the rotation hulahop not only kneads the fat deposits on the sides, thereby contributing to their reduction, but also helps to strengthen the abdominal muscles.

We remove the sides of the hoop: effective exercises

Even if you just twist the hoop for 15 minutesdaily, you can get rid of extra centimeters. But there are special exercises about which very few people know, and after all their performance will help not only to quickly get rid of the sides, but also to make the whole body more fit. There are many such exercises, however, the most effective are the following:

  1. "The rotation of yoga." Feet together, arms outstretched. It is necessary to twist the simulator at the waist 88 times in each direction. Begin with 2 repetitions, gradually bringing them to 50. It is necessary to follow then that
    The stomach was not just drawn in, but as intense as possible during class.
  2. "Arrow". The starting position is the same as in the first exercise. Only after the start of rotation should you climb on your toes, and raise your hands as much as possible above your head and connect them with your hands. This exercise is the most effective: performing it every day for 10 minutes, you can reduce the volume of the sides by 4-8 cm per month.
  3. "The cycle of planets." Not inferior in efficiency to the previous exercise, while it is more difficult. It is necessary to place the legs a little narrower than the width of the shoulders, hands to take them by the head and fasten them to the lock. During the rotation of the hoop it is necessary to start slowly, without stopping, to turn the entire body to the right side. As a result, this rotation of the hoop should last 5 minutes. A minute is given for rest, and everything repeats again, but the rotation of the body and the hoop is carried out in the opposite direction.

Apparently, to remove the sides with the help of a hoop is not so muchand difficult. The main thing is to remember that lessons during the first month should be daily, then they should be performed every other day. The minimum training time is 10 minutes. Later, when all exercises are mastered, they can be combined, improving the effectiveness of the exercises.

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