Be small when most of the acquaintances andfriends above you, not very nice. Many people, finding themselves in such a situation, want to learn how to grow quickly, and are ready to do everything possible to achieve this goal.

How to grow up quickly: tips

Let's say right away that by and large a person's growth80% is laid by genetics, the remaining 20% ​​depends on lifestyle and nutrition in childhood and adolescence. Therefore, to increase their growth as an adult is difficult enough, almost impossible. To calculate your possible growth, you need to add up the growth of the mother and father's growth (see), divide by 2. If the growth is calculated for the boy, then you need to add 13 cm, if for the girl, - subtract the same number. In almost 90% of cases, the increase will be the result, plus or minus 10 cm. In addition, the growth is significantly influenced by the amount of zinc and vitamin D in the first years of life. If a child receives a sufficient amount of these substances, then he grows better, becomes taller. If they are not enough, then the growth will be less.

Be that as it may, many people claim that it is possible to influence their growth, and special exercises and proper nutrition help in this.

Exercises to increase growth

It is believed that a horizontal bar perfectly helps to increase growth. How to grow quickly with an ordinary horizontal bar? Follow the exercises below.

  1. Vis on the horizontal bar. This exercise is performed in 5 approaches in the morning and in the evening. It's very simple: you need to grasp the bar easily and hang on it as long as you can withstand. You can change this exercise a little, reducing the amount of time, but increasing the number of approaches.
  2. Pull on the bar. During lowering after pulling, you need to maximally straighten your arms and hang for 5-10 seconds, then repeat pulling again.
  3. Hanging on the bar, you need to rotate the body in the right, then the left side. Turn in each side in the amount you need at least 20 times.
  4. Hanging on a horizontal bar, turning your feet to the left and to the right like a pendulum.
  5. Hanging on a horizontal bar, rotate the basin first one way, then the other.

There are other exercises that will help to grow quickly. They should be done in a complex. Detailed instructions for their implementation can be found here:

  • Exercises to increase growth
  • Complex of exercises for growth
  • Exercises on the horizontal bar

To increase growth, mobilegames, jumping, swimming. If you are still in adolescence, it is still too early to despair, because at this time in your body there are many different changes. You can sharply "vymahat" literally for 2 years, but, of course, this can be helped. Do exercises for growth, actively move and eat right.

Nutrition for increased growth

Zinc and vitamin D significantly affect growtha person in the early years of his life, therefore taking shock doses of these substances being an adult is useless. It is necessary to enrich your diet with vitamins, especially vitamin A. It is very important to eat foods rich in proteins. Protein is a building material for new cells, so it plays a direct role in the growth of the body. Belkom is rich in meat, fish, seafood, eggs, nuts, milk, cottage cheese, cheese, soy cottage cheese and cheese, buckwheat. Protein foods should be a lot, but not too much, so know the measure.

How to grow quickly: other ways

There are other ways that can help increase growth, but they are used in individual cases and are not suitable for everyone.

  • Injections of growth hormone are used only after appointment by the attending physician, when a person has abnormal growth retardation.
  • Operation to increase growth. When the bone and adjacent soft tissues are stretched, tension arises, resulting in the formation of a new cellular tissue. Such an operation is carried out on the legs, it allows to grow by 6-7 cm. A special staple with spokes is placed on each leg, the upper layer of the bone is dissected, and the threaded rods of the staples move apart four times a day, thereby stimulating the growth of the legs. With these braces, the patient will have to undergo six months-a year, most of the time on crutches.

Try to grow up quickly at home is still possible. To do this, you need to believe in yourself, very much want to grow up and do everything possible for this, and what exactly, you already know.

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