A tight belly and a thin waist create an imageA sports body, even if you have full legs or arms. This applies to both men and women. Not always we have time, and even more often there is no just patience for everyday training. But, if you decide to get rid of fat deposits in the abdomen, you need patience. Agree that to pump up the press for a week is unrealistic, but in a month, something else can be done, so:

How to inflate a press for a month: Exercises

I will result in a set of exercises to pump the pressper month. Exercises involve all groups of muscles of the press. Of course, from the first session you will not see the long-awaited cubes, but almost immediately you will feel a tonus in the muscles. Do your best not to quit your workout. Better yet, make sure that such activities become part of your day. It is possible to pump the press for a month at home, if not only to start classes, but also to continue them.

Do exercises, gradually increasingload, starting with one approach. Follow the sequence, since the exercises are lined up with increasing load. Do not better than four times a week.

  1. Starting position, lying on the back, legs bent inknees and are spread out to the sides, feet on the floor, the belly is drawn in, the lower back is pressed to the floor, hands behind the head. Pull your shoulders to your knees, without lifting your lower back and feet from the floor. Return to the starting position. Watch your breath. Lifting of the shoulders on exhalation, the initial position is on inhalation.
  2. The starting position, lying on the back, the left legbent at the knee, a foot on the floor, the stomach is drawn in, the foot of the right foot on the left knee, the knee is pointed to the side, hands behind the head. Drag your left shoulder to your right knee. Return to the starting position. Change your foot. Do not forget about breathing: we rise on exhalation, we fall on inhalation. Make sure that the waist and feet are pressed to the floor.
  3. The starting position, lying on the back, legs are on each otherfriend, belly drawn, arms behind the head, elbows looking to the sides. On exhalation we lift shoulders and head. On inhalation we return to the starting position. Take care that during the exercise the loin does not come off the floor, but the stomach is drawn.
  4. To perform this exercise, we needchair. The starting position, lying on the back, the legs are bent at the knees so that the calves lie on the seat of the chair, hands behind the head. Without straining the muscles of the neck, perform lifting of the shoulders and head and pull them to the knees. Return to the starting position. Breathe exactly.
  5. Starting position, lying on the back, straighten the legsand lift them at a right angle, the stomach is drawn, the arms behind the head, the elbows look to the sides. Begin alternately to bend your knees, as if pedaling the bicycle. Do not forget about even breathing. Loosen the loins from the floor.
  6. Initial position, lying on the back, arms behindhead, legs bend so that there is a right angle under the knees. Straighten your legs, paying attention to tightening the abdominal muscles, return to the starting position. Straighten the legs on exhalation, bend - on inhalation.
  7. The starting position, sitting on the floor, legs bent inknees, the stomach is drawn in, hands in front of him. Take the case back 60 degrees, return to the starting position. Do not lower your hands, the feet should be pressed to the floor, the neck is not tense. Watch your breath.
  8. The starting position, lying on the right side,perform the lifting of the body, leaning on one hand, the body during the exercise should not deviate forward or backward. Hold for a few seconds in this position. Return to the starting position. Through the approach, change the side.

If you have a little more time and you are readywait, then you have the opportunity to pump the press for 2 months. To do this, do the same set of exercises, but take a break for two days. Thus, the result will be fixed and will be longer. Do the same if you decide to pump the press for 3 months. Combine the set of exercises with morning jogs in the fresh air. From the diet, exclude fatty, sweet and flour. Exercise must enter the system, and proper nutrition become a way of life.

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