The word positive comes from the Latin positivus - positive. Used in relation to photography and psychology.

In the photo

In photography there are two interrelated processes -negative and positive. After clicking the shutter on the film there is a negative, on which the colors are inverted - that is, the light we see is dark. When a photo is shown, a positive result is obtained with the colors that were on the subject. That is, in the photo, the positive is called the final result of the survey.

In psychology

In psychology, the so-called attitude andattitude to the surrounding reality. Many people know the phrase "to be positive" - ​​which means to treat life easily, to see mostly joyful aspects of it, to concentrate on pleasant things in people. The opposite of positive is negative. A person with negative thinking focuses on the dark sides in any situation and is not good in people. Psychologists argue that successful personal development is based on a positive worldview - it is easier for him to learn from what is happening and move forward, towards new goals.

You are now aware of what is positive. Do you know how to set yourself up for a positive?

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