The fairly common word "number" has several meanings in the Russian language.

Let's read them in detail and find out what a number is. Is this word only with the number?

Meanings of the word

So, in a general sense, a number is a figure, the ordinal number of an object among other objects. Here are various examples of the use of the word, namely:

  • As a designation for something in the order of appearance: "I liked athlete number two".
  • As a way of arranging the same objects,in order to make it easier to navigate in them - a hotel room, a room number, a magazine or newspaper number (here the number is also denoted by some number, but can be used in speech without a number).
  • A telephone number is a set of numbers, also outstanding indefined order and belonging to only one specific subscriber. About who owns the number, you can find out in the directories or in the liaison offices. Read also the article How to check the phone number.
  • Individual serial numbers are assigned to all registration documents - TIN, rights, passport and so on.
  • A number is called a record (a tablet, a sticker,with an ordinal number. Examples: "The numbers of the contestants are on bracelets on their right hands". "The house number was hard to see in the dark."

In addition, the number - this is the size of clothes, shoes, thickness of thread or fabric and other things. It is rather an outdated designation, but it can be found. Example: "His shoes - the sixth number."

A performance on the stage, with a clear beginning and end, is included in the program, in which several such representations are also called the number. Example: "The room with the tigers was the most impressive."

In the figurative meaning of the number - coming out of the framework of the habitual act of someone else, is also a kind of representation. Example: "Well, the number threw this couple at the wedding."

Without numbers in our lives, nowhere - they help to organize everything and quickly find the necessary.

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