Agami is a bird of the family of cedar, which is the representative of the only species of Agamia (genus).

This family is common in Central America (in the south), in Brazil and Peru.

Appearance agami

The bird looks like a trumpeter by its appearance. The muscular system of the paws of the bird of this family is well developed, as they can quickly overcome large distances in a short time.

Plumage agami mostly black, butneck and belly can be chestnut colored, wings - green. A distinctive feature is the long white line on the neck. The tail and paws are rather short compared to the long tubular beak.

Agami is a very beautiful bird, but it's rather difficult to notice it in wildlife, since she prefers to hide in the shade of trees.


Inhabitants of the genus Agami live near openmarshy reservoirs, while accommodating in flocks of up to 100 nests. Night and day birds guard their nests, which are at a level of 9 meters from the ground. Basically, each female incubates 2 eggs.

The main fishery is catching fish and smallresidents of water bodies (toads, reptiles), while they rarely go into open water. During the hunt, they can stand for a long time, watching the prey. They can also eat plant shoots, seeds and berries.

That's what agami is. You can read the meaning of other words in the Definitions section.

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