Mars - one of the largest planets of the universe, many people dream to go there. And how much to fly to Mars? And is it even possible? Let's figure it out.

Flight to Mars

The most optimal time for flying to Mars isperiod of the Great Confrontation: at this time the planets are most closely located to each other. However, there is a Great Confrontation once every 12-15 years, with the distance between Earth and Mars being about 57 million km.

Scientists have identified two speeds (7.9 km / s and11.2 km / s), which allow modern rocket and space technology to go into open space. If we divide the distance between the planets during the Great Controversy by the increment of two speeds, that is, by 3.3 km / s (11.2 km / s - 7.9 km / s), then we get about 220 days, provided that the rocket will fly in a straight line. But since a spacecraft flies along an arc, it turns out that more time is expended.

The scientists calculated: to fly to Mars and back at the most favorable time can take about 500 days, with more time to be spent on the way back, since the planets (Earth and Mars) will begin to distance from each other. Accordingly, the distance between them will increase.

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