Fairly popular folk tales, but also there arecopyright. For example, all the famous fairy tales of Perrault, Andersen or the Brothers Grimm. Each of the writers had their own reasons for writing in a fairy tale genre.

Why do writers write fairy tales? Authors can be guided by both personal reasons when choosing a genre, and public. As for personal reasons, it can be a rich fantasy of the author, and the possibility of avoiding any of his fears, complexes, negative emotions, and also, on the contrary, the way to close from reality problems and go to the fantasy world, tell the story of his life through metaphors and artistic images.

Appeal to the genre of fairy tales, for example, inSoviet times helped the authors to escape from the torrent of destructive events of reality: wars, persecutions, etc., and also helped to mask certain events of reality that saved them from certain death. And these are the social causes. The same examples of fairy tale choice can be quite market interests - when tales are written, because it is fashionable, interesting and they have a certain consumer demand.

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