Every day eating various foods,most often we do not think about the variety and quantity of substances that they contain. And they all have different effects on our body. One such substance is selenium. Let's see what selenium is and why it is needed.

In chemical science, selenium is defined as brittlebrilliant at the break of non-metal black, and sometimes cinnabar-red color. It is obtained through various chemical reactions, and production is quite labor-intensive. Probably, this pays off the quantity of useful properties that selenium possesses.

What is selenium for?

Selenium plays an important role in various spheresits application, for example, in human biology, medicine and industry. In the semiconductor industry, selenium is used as a compound possessing ideal photoelectric and thermoelectric properties. The highest flourishing selenium technologies here reached in the 20s of the XX century.

As for human biology, here seleniumNo less important role is assigned. Selenium is a constituent of the active centers of some proteins. It participates in many functions of the body, plays an important role in the metabolism. Selenium is also used in medicine, for example, in the treatment of metabolic and cancer diseases.

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