Many people in their speech often use the word"it is banal". However, not everyone understands the meaning of it. What is "trite"? The word "trite" means "too simple", "mediocre", "beaten up," "long known," "stupid," "naive." Also use the same root words: banality, banal (-th, -e, -e). Banality refers to all known things, self-evident thoughts, stupid things.

For a better understanding, consider a few examples with an explanation:

  • "You're talking trivial things" - a person speaks and so understandable and long-known to the interlocutor things that do not need to be voiced.
  • "It's so corny!""- for example, one can say about a typical situation in which a person got into. As a rule, banal situations are very often repeated in life and develop according to a standard scenario.
  • "What a trivial article!" - an article written on a template, without a hint of originality, in which long-known thoughts are considered, which does not provide useful information for reflection.

You can find out the meaning of other unknown words and concepts from the articles in the Definitions section.

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