Today there are a lot of horror films and books, where the main characters are zombies - the living dead. These films and books are very popular with viewers and readers.

Let us consider in more detail what zombies are.

Cults of Voodoo

The word "zombie" with its roots goes to the magicalpractitioners Voodoo. Voodoo was practiced by the inhabitants of West Africa. Then this cult spread to Haiti and other islands of the Caribbean, where African slaves were brought. In the Voodoo tradition, a zombie is not necessarily an animated dead man. Zombies could be a man who shaman opoyil magical drink and over which he performed a special ritual. After that, a person fell into lethargy and was considered dead. Then the shaman summoned the man and turned him into his weak-willed slave.

The image of a zombie

Today formed the image of zombies - unreasonable,purposeful dead, whose sole purpose is to eat live flesh. Zombies usually act in large groups, they move slowly and have extraordinary strength. At the same time, zombies are devoid of intelligence, because their brain is dead. In movies, the appearance of a zombie is usually due to some kind of virus. If a person is a victim of a zombie, he usually also turns into a zombie. A popular topic in horror films was the zombie apocalypse. These films tell about the collapse of human civilization, when a handful of people try to survive among thousands of zombies. How to get rid of zombies, you learn from the article How to kill a zombie.

Figurative meaning

Also the word "zombie" is used in figurativemeaning. So they say about people who are not able to make their own decisions, do not have their opinions and are subject to someone else's influence. They talk about zombie people using television, the Internet, advertising, etc.

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