Residents of one country, similar to each otherhabits, appearance, manner of communication, gastronomic predilections, neighbors often give some nicknames, in a special way characterizing them. What do people in Russia call?

In Ukraine, Russians are called Muscovites orkatsapami. Moskali are inhabitants of the lands united in one state with a center in Moscow (inhabitants of the Moscow kingdom, Muscovy). "Tsap" is a Ukrainian goat. "Yak zap" - like a goat. Here we have in mind the tradition in pre-Petrine Russia not to shave the beard for men. Ukrainians, who wore only a mustache (and chub), the bearded Russians resembled goats, who also have a beard.

In Germany and other European countries, Russians are often called Ivan (one of the most common Russian male names). Russians for the same reason are called Natasha.

In Estonia, Russians are called tibla. The nickname came from the manner characteristic of many Russian men to address others (you, b ..).

In Afghanistan, Russians (mostly military,as well as civilian specialists) called shuravi. In Arabic, "shura" is advice, "shuravi" is Soviet. Today, despite the fact that Soviet power is a thing of the past, this nickname for the Russians remains.

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