Today we will tell you about one of the mostpopular games - football. The most, perhaps, expected event in this game is the World Cup, which takes place every 4 years. Our country is just preparing for the World Cup, which will be held in 2018. So, what is football?

Football: general information

Football is a game in which two teams playagainst each other. The composition of each of the teams has 11 players - 10 in the field and one goalkeeper. The instrument of the game is a ball that must be kicked into the opponent's goal with his feet or head (it is forbidden only with his hands). Usually the duration of the match is 90 minutes, but if there are any unforeseen stops, the judge can extend the time. You can learn more about this by reading our article How many times in football.

A little about the rules of football

The rules of the game are simple:

  • You can not touch the ball with your hands (this applies to everyone, except for the goalkeeper, who can beat the ball with any part of the body and catch it).
  • the referee can give the player a warning card (yellow) or even remove the player from the field (red card). This is done in the event that the player commits any prohibited tricks in the game.
  • the referee may award a penalty or a free kick (on the opponent's goal).

Penalty kick is applied to the side of the gatethe offending team that has the opportunity to put a protective "wall" from the players, a penalty is executed from a distance of 11 meters (from the point in the penalty area), and the defense is carried out only by the goalkeeper.

More information about the game you will find in ournext article How to play football. For many, this game is a real cult or lifestyle that unites fans from all over the world. Get answers to your questions about the game you can on our special page Football.

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