Paper so firmly and so long ago entered oureveryday life, that the technology of its production has long ceased to be a secret. Everyone knows that paper is made from wood, but this is not entirely true. To answer the question of what paper is made of, you should deepen your knowledge about the features of this material.


Indeed, the main for paper productioncan be obtained by mechanical means from wood (sometimes from hemp and rice) cellulose. So you can even do it yourself at home. But using only these components and methods, the paper will turn out to be of poor quality.

In the modern industry, cellulose is extracted most often chemically, and high-quality papers have in their composition:

  • hydrophobic sizing (for example, rosin glue), preventing excessive spreading of ink and their protrusion from the back;
  • resins, starch or various adhesives that increase the durability of paper and its resistance to mechanical stress and humidity;
  • talc / chalk and kaolin making paper more dense and opaque;
  • dyes.

Variety of types

Of course, a certain type of paper impliesthe use of these or other fillers in different proportions. For example, the paper used in transformers does not contain sizing to provide electrical insulation, while pages of glossy magazines will include chalk, resins, and other components.

In addition, the paper may contain noaffecting the density and hydrophobicity of the components. So, high-quality toilet paper is often impregnated with such curative substances as aloe oil and antiseptics.

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