We are used to gentle and cozy pets -cats. No one thinks where the name of the animal originated and how it happened that the cat got the status of an independent but beloved pet. So, why was the cat called a cat?

It is believed that the word "cat", or rather, "cat"is a slightly modified Latin name of the animal - "cattus". It is characteristic that in Russian the cat is a common name for the representatives of both sexes. Although the male has the right to be proudly called a cat.

But how was the cat called a cat? After all, the word "cat" sounds differently from the word "cat". These words have different roots. It is known that the Slavs called the cat affectionately "kotka". And in the process of evolution, the soft "t" sound was transformed into "sh", and the word "cat" appeared. The cat was always revered by our ancestors, and its affectionate name came to life much better than the laconic word "cat".

In addition, it is worth listening to the caressing ear"kitten". Even a person who does not know the language, this word will seem gentle and pleasant. And in fact and the truth, kittens like many. A fluffy and warm domestic animal has always been a favorite among people. Even some independence of cats does not prevent them from remaining in favorites from the owners.

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