The choice of an alias or its absence is an important pointin the life of any creative person. It is the name that makes a person recognizable, expresses his essence, ambitions and aspirations. What is a pseudonym at a glance? An alias is a kind of second name, author's style and expression of his alter ego. The disgust of the real name and the desire for consonance in creative identification prompts many to choose a new name, a new pseudonym.

Nickname or login is also a kind ofaliases used by network users for their designation. Thus, a person tries to express his individuality, emphasize virtues or acquire missing qualities.

Many writers, artists, artists and personalitiesart used pseudonyms in their professions and works to emphasize their true nature. Often such a situation is observed in the present time. Sometimes the choice of a pseudonym is conditioned by the desire to remain incognito.

The most famous aliases in history:

  • Boris Akunin (writer Grigory Chkhartishvili)
  • Anna Akhmatova (poet Anna Andreeva Gorenko)
  • Sandro Boticelli (painter Alessandro Filipeli)
  • Marco Vovchok (writer Maria Alexandrovna Velinskaya-Markovich)
  • Marina Vladi (actress Maria-Louise Polyakova-Baidarova)
  • Voltaire (famous writer and philosopher Marie Francois Arue)
  • Pencil (circus art by Mikhail Nikolayevich Rumyantsev)
  • Maxim Gorky (Alexey Maksimovich Peshkov)
  • Moliere (playwright Jean Baptiste Poquelin)
  • Marilyn Monroe (actress Norma Baker)
  • O. Henry (writer William Sidney Porter)
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