Some words in Russian do not haveunambiguous belonging to a certain part of speech. One of them is the word "better". Which part of the speech is "better"? This word can equally be an adverb, an adjective and a particle. It all depends on the context.

For example, such a sentence:

  • "I can run better."

    The word "better" in this example is an adverb. To test this, you need to ask: Can I run like that? - better.

  • "My car is better than yours."

    Here, "better" is an adjective in a comparative degree. The machine is what? "The car's better."

  • "It's better not to be late for school".

    In this case, the word "better" is not so significant, it only makes a semantic emphasis on subsequent words, therefore it is used as a particle.

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