Even in Ancient Egypt priests, watching the sky,noticed that the life of the born person somehow depended on the location of the planets in the firmament. They learned how to draw a diagram, unfolding a spherical map of the sky and laying it on a plane. Originally - on papyrus, over time - on paper, today - on the computer screen, have learned to create a map of the life path of a person from birth to death. It is quite easy to imagine what a natal chart is, if you understand how it looks.

What does the map look like

Astronomer or astrologer displays on the planeimage of the celestial sphere, relative to the terrestrial horizon. Luminaries and planets are transferred to the scheme in appropriate places, which they occupied at the birth of a man in the firmament. On the natal chart there are 12 zodiacal signs located in a circle in a counter-clockwise direction. Zodiac signs are built in order from the ram, to the fish and reflect the character of the person.

In the inner circle of the natal chart10 main planets in the order in which they are located from the Sun in our system. Arabic numerals for each planet denote the degrees of the luminary on the sky map at the right time. On the outer circle of the map there are astrological houses responsible for the sphere of human life. About how to read the values ​​displayed on the map, you can learn by reading the article "How to read a natal chart?".

Just predictions

Astrologers claim that all elements of the mapare interconnected and individual. Correctly compiled natal chart can prompt, in what direction it is necessary to move, how it is possible to prevent some unpleasant aspects of life, to determine the compatibility of people in marriage and business.

The natal chart of a person allows you to learn aboutpeculiarities of a person's personality, as well as about the laws of fate. Also on the map you can identify talents, opportunities and abilities, as well as possible ways to achieve the goals, predestined by fate. But still, you should remember what a natal chart is. After all, it reflects only the potential of man, that is, what is laid down at birth, and in the future, the person himself determines his fate, using or not, the opportunities presented.

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