Another, more common synonym for thisterm - "aristocracy". This is a privileged layer of society, which transfers its rights by inheritance. What is the nobility and what is the aristocracy can be illustrated by the following examples.

The society has always been heterogeneous, especially afterhow the states were formed and began to develop. At first primitive society was divided into weak and strong. Strong defended the weak from enemies and animals, but forced to work for themselves. Natural arrogance and physical strength freed them from heavy, but routine work. Gradually, the strong formed a surplus of products, and money was invented. At the same time, the first states began to emerge.


With the advent of money, the society beganto share in the poor and the rich. The goal of strong, and subsequently wealthy, was power - the management of the society in which they lived. With the advent of the state, the management of the state became the logical goal of people who aspired to power. The next stage - among the rich also there was a division into those who had long been in power (hereditary, noble), and those who got rich recently and therefore could not be in power.


Who such to know? Notable, if in a simple way, they called themselves because everyone knew them. From this word, the name of this layer of society has also come to be known. The rights to power and other privileges associated with it were inherited in order to separate the nobility from just rich people.

At different times in different countries to knowwas called various terms: "nobleman" (Russia), "senor" (Italy), "sir" (England), etc. Belonging to the nobility directly pointed to the proximity to the royal estate, and this was the highest form of power. That's what it's like to know. The history of this term, as we see, is rooted in the deep past.

The past revolutions in European countries in the 18th-19th centuries and the October Revolution of 1917 in Russia completely destroyed the monarchical system and liquidated this layer of society as a noble.

The term "know" in the history of modern societyis used along with the term "aristocracy" to emphasize the high position in society that a person occupies in relation to the authorities. A modern analogue of this term is "elite".

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