Look at these cards. You can ask them absolutely any question, or you can just choose at random any card.

Perhaps you liked one of them the most? Then safely choose it, if you so want.

After all, it does not matter which card you choose. You will receive a clue from the great sage Osho about where you should go and what to change in your life.

Ready? Then let's begin.

So, select the card:

1. Lovers - the map shows you that you needlove. But first of all in love for yourself. Pleasure yourself, accept yourself. Then you can broadcast your love in the world and he will certainly respond to you.

2. Creation - if you chose this card, know - your soulRequires inspiration and creativity. When was the last time you did what you like? Put off the hassle and do your favorite things. You will notice how to be filled with energy for new achievements and will certainly achieve success. Love what you do. Be meditative, whatever you do!

3. Innocence - you are burdened by commitment and responsibility. Undoubtedly, you are a wise man, but you forget about the inner child that lives in each of us. Pamper it. Do what you have long dreamed of. Look at the world with childish eyes and enjoy the beauty of the moment. Do not take on too much and not your own. This does not help you to achieve what you want, but, on the contrary, will only take away your strength.

4. Celebration - This map indicates that in the lasttime you try to be open to this world and new opportunities. And this is very good. You do not need a reason for a holiday. You know how to enjoy the moment and enjoy life. And this is very contagious. Continue in the same spirit and you will notice how the world around you will change for the better.

5. Master - the card says that you are not dependent on someone else'sopinions. Yes, you listen to others, but you will not do anything if it is alien to you. You learn the art of creation, so as not to miss something important. Do not dive into the whirlwind of problems and the cycle of events. Learn to highlight the main thing for yourself.

6. Maturity - You are complete and in harmony with yourselfitself. This state opens up to you an unlimited number of opportunities. You know how to do your job well. You can easily start new ventures. They all ended happily. You have enough for this and strength and energy.

7. Dream - you are immersed in dreams. You all expect that there will be someone in your life who will change it cool and then your life will play with bright colors. But this is stupid. It's not like that in life. Wizards do not exist, and the prince on a white horse, too, sit down flaws. Stop eating at the chance. After all, man himself is the smith of his happiness. Go to your goal and the world will respond to you with millions of new and amazing opportunities

8. Harmony - Listen only to yourself and your heart - this is trueway. Yes, maybe the chosen road will be a thorny one, but believe it is worth it and the result will surpass all your expectations. Trust yourself. Everything will be fine.

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