In the picture you see six keys, each of which opens your subconscious. Choose the one that you like best, and read what it means!

1. Restraint and rationality

It is a choice of reserved emotionally and closed from outsiders. You do not open even to your own people. The cause could be some events in the past that have changed you and your behavior.

This form of the key is the simplest not because it is boring, but because its owner thinks rationally and expresses it in a straightforward manner.

2. Strictness and confidence

This florid version of the key is chosen by the person, withwhich sometimes is very difficult to get along and work out. Surely you occupy a leading position. All your employees treat you with respect and fear.

This is an occasion to ponder. After all, we are all living people, we tend to make mistakes - remember this!

3. Ambitiousness and purposefulness

This key is reliable and robust. His owner achieves his own, without fearing absolutely no obstacles. Your strength and charisma help you easily generate hundreds of ideas. Opinion from the outside does not play a role for you, you trust your intuition and stick to your own principles.

And this is your minus. Sometimes you need to see and acknowledge your own mistakes in order to achieve something more.

4. Humor and frivolity

This key, resembling a leaf of a clover, is chosen by people who are optimistic. You look at life with humor and a smile. With you it's always easy, fun and carefree.

But it is worth reminding you that a serious danger is sometimes not visible from afar, so learn to at least sometimes be a little more serious. It will do you good.

5. Creativity and Freethinking

An unusual shape of the key indicates a bright andextraordinary personality. You always come up with something new, ideas and beat over the edge. We think that you are a person of a creative profession, in which there is potential.

But it is worth noting that you are subject to attacks of laziness and are often windy. Try not to waste your skills on nonsense, and then you will get everything you need!

6. Conservative and balanced

This key belongs to a conservative person, who prefers to follow a previously broken path. But think: is not it nice sometimes to depart from a thoughtful path and take a chance?

You need to be able to change - then you can see new horizons and find something more interesting for yourself.

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