In Western culture, numerology has been known for a long time. This teaching can be read from the famous Greek mathematician and mystic Pythagoras: he used it 2,500 years ago.

He even built a special numerological scheme,according to which everyone must live a life prepared for him by numbers. Like, if you do not (because of ignorance or inability to hear your heart), your life is just doomed to failure!

It sounds like some kind of crazy, but you try. And tell us whether Pythagoras was right about your natural talents!

So, here's a 60-second test that will help you know if you're on the road to life.

  • Step 1: Fold all the numbers of your birthday together. Do not forget to write the full year of your birth (for example, 1969, not 69).
  • Step 2: If the number is double digits, add the numbers from it. For example, if it's 27, then 2 + 7 = 9. Continue this way until you finally get one figure from 0 to 9.

Take for example March 29, 1969. Suppose one of you was born on this particular day. It turns out, the full date looks like this: 03/29/1969.

2 + 9 + 0 + 3 + 1 + 9 + 6 + 9 = 39
3 + 9 = 12
1 + 2 = 3. So your life's path is number three!
Step 3: Find your number on this list and find out what you need to do in life!

Life path number 1

People-units are, first of all, originalthinkers and creative minds. Of these, there are often excellent goal-oriented leaders who prefer to do everything themselves or be responsible for everyone at once.

Suitable for you profession: freelancer / independent contractor; Business owner; manager; Sales Manager; marketer; specialist in advertising; designer; quality engineer; trainer-consultant; politician; builder or broker; Financial Consultant; creative director; athlete.

Life path number 2

People-deuces are primarily focused onparts. They like to notice and see things that others do not see and do not notice. Usually they make excellent friends and educators, because no one can support them as well as they do.

They are usually pretty adroit with life, because they are used to trusting their intuition. And they often struggle for the empowerment of others.

Suitable professions for you: The teacher; psychotherapist; healer; cook; negotiator / diplomat; politician; musician; artist; designer; Social worker; administrator; therapist; specialist in alternative medicine; accountant; masseur; actor.

Life path number 3

Three people are used to speaking for themselves: they like to express themselves and have a creative nature. That's why it's usually so nice to talk with them!

With their passion for beauty, they can infect anyone. And the main thing for them is to reveal their "I": even in creativity, even in sports. even in oratory; even in the scientific community.

Here are the professions suitable for you: Entertainer; artist; journalist; designer; cook; musician; dancer; trainer; writer; photographer; seller; architect; Graphic Designer; the hairdresser; cosmetologist; visagiste; specialist in art.

Life path number 4

Four people are those who are stronger than all of usappreciates details and systematic, methodological approach. If you want to do something desperate and quick with them, such people will not agree: they like it when their plan is thought out to the last detail.

That's why they get such highly professional managers and organizers. Wherever a four person appears, stability and order will last for a long time.

Suitable professions for you: Director; manager; Business owner; editor; auditor; accountant. doctor; engineer; military or law enforcement officer; personal trainer; analyst; architect / town planner; lawyer; an official, a business consultant; banker or specialist in finance and investment.

Life path number 5

Fives are people who, above all else in life, appreciate diversity, novelty and excitement from uncertainty.

Of course, by nature they are giftedsociability and strong analytical thinking. Friends appreciate them for always giving good advice, they are able to advertise and promote unpopular ideas and can be the advocates of even the devil himself!

Here are the professions suitable for you: Project manager; manager-consultant in travel agency; organizer of festive events; investigator; consultant on advertising and marketing, promoter, PR specialist, hairdresser; athlete or TV presenter.

Life path number 6

People born under the sign of 6, most often choosework in the service sector. They like to help others, advise and support others. From them excellent advisers, advisers and managers turn out.

But the list of the most suitable for you professions: the hairdresser; a fashionable consultant; interior designer; therapist; teacher; healer. decorator; chiropractor; model. visagiste; medical worker; cosmetologist.

Life path number 7

Seven people have a contemplative character. They are not very active, they like to think about everything thoroughly: this is the nature of their analytical mind.

They quickly and well learn, know how to develop complex strategies for solving complex issues. And they also adore technology and stood in spiritual search. Their favorite science is psychology.

Here are the professions suitable for your soul: researcher / scientist; analyst; IT-consultant; philosopher, psychologist. journalist. quality engineer; programmer; accountant. spiritual master; doctor; naturopath; biographer.

Life path number 8

G-8 people are talentedleaders-innovators, born to solve big problems. They rarely like working for someone, especially if that someone is a dictator. That's why these people become the most successful when they start their own business.

Accordingly, here are the professions suitable for you: Business owner; independent contractor; Project Manager; banker; business consultant; broker; lawyer; surgeon; a politician, an official of high rank.

Life path number 9

Nines are unique people. Because they combine in themselves the creative principle, and the ability to work for the benefit of others. Therefore, they often choose work in the service sector.

Such people often become talented teachers (such as students remember for life), healers, leaders. Your opinion is usually listened to, is not it?

Here are the industries and professions suitable for you: a specialist in health or education; artist; professional writer; human rights defender; lawyer; actor; politician; civil activist; Human Resources Specialist (HR); PR specialist, power engineer, graphic designer; fashion designer; photographer.

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