Snowflakes are magic crystals. They say that there are not two similar snowflakes in the world, but this is not entirely true. Scientists have long been trying to classify them according to their form. The shape of the crystal you like can tell a lot about your character and abilities.


Traditional values ​​are close to you: family, friends. You do not set sky-high goals and prefer simple joys of life, because you are a realist. You are reliable and patient. You can always trust the secret.


You are a straightforward person, do not like gossip and notsee the point in excessive fuss. In a close environment you are appreciated, and the bosses are not afraid to trust you with responsible work. Friends and relatives are sure that you will always take care of them in a difficult situation.


You are as thin and complex a nature as lace,which resembles this snowflake. For you, your image is very important. You stick to style in everything, be proud of your good manners and do not tolerate chaos. And noisy parties prefer solitude.


You are attentive to detail, greedy to knowledge,strive to get new information from everywhere and quickly learn it. Your personal life is diverse and full of intrigue. You are bored sitting in one place, you crave adventures and have a fantastic ability to attract interesting people to your environment.


You surely are upscalespecialist in his profession. You are reserved and do not act on display, but in controversial situations, always try to express your opinion, even if it differs from the majority opinion. You are difficult to confuse, you know your strengths and always act to the best of your abilities.


You are an individualist. Never do something just because it's accepted. You are a strong and brave person who values ​​his uniqueness and really has creative abilities. Your life principle is to swim against the current.


You are persistent and dedicated in your work. And just as carefully approach to building personal relationships. You think that the difficulties and mistakes make you stronger. Always glad to constructive criticism in your address and do not be afraid to express it to others.


You go through life playfully. You have an excellent sense of humor, which helps to survive adequately many adversities. You are not inclined to take things too seriously, to engage in self-discovery. Are not subject to stress, because you know how to rest and enjoy even small everyday joys.


You are a practical person with a high degreeself-organization, intellectual. Your decisions are always logical, and the actions are calculated a few steps forward. You probably make a schedule for every day. This is what allows you to work in multitasking mode without problems. You are a born leader.


Describe your abilities as follows: "And the swine, and the reaper, and the dude the gambler." You really are a very versatile person. But in personal communication unpredictable. Today you are the king of a noisy party, and tomorrow - a reclusive home-stayer. It all depends on your mood.

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