Simple and clear. Look closely at each of the six crystals located in the photo. How do you think, which one is addressed to you? Do not choose your favorite color. Choose the stone that attracts you the most at the moment. Below we will describe what your choice means. To get a truthful answer, do not deceive yourself and carefully consider all options.

№1. Opal

In life, you seek freedom and peace. Right now you want to at all costs calm your feelings, hear your inner voice. Likely, recently you are experiencing a lot of stress, and you just want to disconnect? You are not sure about your way forward and need time spent alone to think about everything thoroughly. The stone you select indicates that your vision is periodically clouded by the rumble of everyday life. Therefore, you love when you have time to "recover." This, however, does not mean that there is something "wrong" in your life. Simply you need time to understand your emotions and what works for you and what does not.

As we approach the New Year, whenthere is a chance to really change something in your life, find in these months time to think carefully about your goals and what exactly charges you with a positive. If you want to achieve your own, such reflections will help you become a slightly more purposeful person. And another moment. You have chosen a stone of a blue hue, which means that there are lots of bright and spiritual thoughts in your head. Deep within you, you feel a connection with the world "on the other side" of being. So in the next two months, try to establish a closer contact with the universe. And she will give you all the necessary recommendations. And all the answers to your questions.

№2. Green Malachite

If you are attracted by this stone, right now yougo through a period of major changes in life. You want to be more practical, change the way you live and work, but in order to master this restructuring, you will have to change at a deep level. It is about spiritual evolution, the analysis of energy "debris" and the liberation of the mind from past experience. The past will just have to let go. You become wiser, and by itself, the "learning process" that you have started teaches you to truly appreciate yourself. Sometimes you get a little anxious, but at such times you should remind yourself that you have already made a decision for a long time, and it corresponds to your inner aspirations. OK. Let's do it again.

Right now you need to acknowledge once againthe need for change. And only after that you will be able to find those areas on the way, where you can "cut". Malachite is a stone of prosperity and abundance. The fact that you have chosen it means that right now you are starting to look for wealth and luck. Perhaps your choice is also associated with the end of a destructive romantic relationship. And right now you are waiting for the dawn of pure love. When choosing this stone, you unconsciously tell the universe: "I am ready for success, I am ready to give up all previous negativity." I need a passion in life. "

No. 3. The Stone of the Sun

If you are attracted by this stone, it means, directlynow you feel like an optimist who looks confidently into the future. The power of the sun nourishes your body, you like to spend time on the street, take care of your health and overcome your fears and stresses. The Stone of the Sun is an omen of luck. Usually his choice indicates that soon on the line of fate you are waiting for a turn for the better. Imagine if you woke up in the morning, and the first emotion you experienced was joy. Pure joy, because you are able to control your breathing and relationships with those people in your life who love you. You realize what joy is at a basic level. And this awareness gives you an understanding: no problem really exists. At least outside your head. And you know that you have enough strength to overcome any obstacles. If such a morning in your life has not come yet, then it will definitely come in the near future.

№4. Obsidian Stone

This is the stone of closure. If you chose it, your unconscious says: "I am ready to break free from the influence of my negative habits and become happy". You become a more mundane person. You begin to notice people who are more fortunate in something than you, and in something less. Right now you have a period when you become more attentive to yourself and wiser towards others. You begin to realize that every person is a unique story. Envy remains in the past: you understand that everyone has a lot of problems, although most prefer not to show them. You are what you feel. Jealousy, bitterness, a sense of being deceived ... These emotions poison your nervous system and can suck any person down a downward spiral of material and spiritual poverty.

Right now you are learning to understand that pain isjust a pain. Energy blocks in your system quickly disappear. You finally began to find in yourself the willpower to break out of the endless series of negative situations and people. Sometimes you want to hug the whole world. Now you are already literally feeling the skin of the approaching New Year. But before it starts, you need to complete your amazing spiritual breakthrough. You need to reevaluate your priorities and understand not only what you have to do, but also with what affairs in life you could refuse. Continue to understand yourself. It will be rewarded.

№5. Howlite

If you are attracted by this stone, it means, recentlyyou received messages from the "other world." It could be dreams, sudden bright thoughts, visions, repeated over and over again, numbers or words. Now you use intuition to orient yourself in life. And I must say, you really learned to listen to her and trust her. She knows that long reflection is useless. Intuition is your shortcut to success. Perhaps, recently you have had trouble sleeping. You may be disturbed by some inner sensation in the body, but you continue to ignore it. Do not try to change anything. Just admit it and keep going with the flow.

One of the next days with you will happena true spiritual breakthrough, and you will receive answers to all your questions. You also need to understand that you are not alone on this journey. Crystal Howlayt is going to reward you for your bold dreams and raise you to a new level. So in the near future you can safely dream of the greatest achievements. P.S. Haulayt also patronizes those who hope to have a baby, and those who have become pregnant. The choice of this stone is an omen of a healthy, strong baby.

№6. Dalmatian Jasper

Now is the time to bring inhis life a little more fun and humor. If you chose this crystal, your inner voice literally screams: "Well, play again, again." Relax! ". Perhaps, lately you feel a little restless and disappointed, overly cynical. The crystal you choose reminds us that we are spiritual beings, only prisoners in a physical shell. And we do not have many years on this planet before we return to the original form of our energy. So let's enjoy the trip !!

Even in the worst situations, one should not losesense of humor - if not for yourself, then at least for the sake of close people. A sense of humor is your everything. This is the "glue" that allows you to be connected with family and friends. He also helps you cope with your favorite difficulties along the path of life. He also sends a signal from the Universe: "I do not give a damn what is there and who has decided." I will win today and get what I owe. " P.S. Dalmatian Jasper is also a crystal of freedom from smoking. For those of you who are about to quit, this is a good sign: in the near future, space will be located to help you do this! Well, what do you say? Does the description fit into what is happening in your life?

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