To pass the test, examine your hand and compare the length of the index and ring fingers.

A) The index finger is shorter than the anonymous finger

Such people are often very attractive,are pleasant in communication and charismatic. They are more resolute than others, are prone to risk and easily cope with emerging problems. In addition, one of their special qualities is the ability to sympathize and empathize with the interlocutor. Out of them come out excellent engineers, scientists and masters to solve crosswords.

B) The index finger is longer than the anonymous

These people are most often confident in themselves andare self-sufficient. They enjoy their company and do not like it when they are bothered by trifles. They are not one of those people who will take the first step towards meeting, whether it's a new business or a relationship. However, they appreciate the attention and favorably receive praise.

C) Pointing and ring fingers of the same length

People with such fingers are peaceful, good-natured andvery much do not like conflict situations. They are very organized in life and get along with everyone. Such people are loyal to the relationship, committed to their cause and the company in which they work. However, be careful, because they burn a small light, which is better not to bring to a fire. Be on their side.


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