It is difficult to imagine modern life without manyuseful appliances in the kitchen and bathroom. Comparing the brands, cost, functionality and design of one or another technique, we always try to choose the best from the possible. Many customers in this regard can attract the company Korting. It provides a wide range of different home appliances: built-in (from hobs to ovens), detached (dishwashers, refrigerators, microwave ovens) and climatic (air conditioners, fans, air purifiers).

In the Russian market this technique appeared in theThe product of the year 2012 (dishwasher and air cleaner), Product of the Year 2013 (exhaust and fan with humidifier), Product of the Year 2014 (oven and dishwasher).

  1. Korting is stable todaya developing company that excellently specializes in the production of a variety of household appliances and climate electrical appliances. All equipment meets the requirements of safety, reliability and high quality.
  2. It is convenient to order the technician for residentsSt. Petersburg, Moscow and the surrounding regions. Within the Moscow Ring Road, free shipping is available when buying from 10,000 rubles. In the Moscow region, delivery takes place during the day. Tariffs for delivery you can check on the manufacturer's website.
  3. Employees of the company will perform professionalinstallation and free connection of new equipment (when buying from 65,000 rubles), except for gas panels and ovens. This proposal applies to ready-made communications, additional materials and works need to be paid separately.
  4. Before you start using the technique,the buyer has the right to make sure that the goods satisfy him and he corresponds to all his characteristics. If, upon receipt, the buyer has found a discrepancy between the product description on the site, then he has the right to refuse it. The company will replace the goods with a new one or return the money.
  5. All equipment is provided with an official guarantee. If the buyer discovers any hidden defects during the operation, he can report them by phone at 8 (495) 374-72-20.

A wide range of all necessary equipment,free delivery and professional connection, check and guarantee of quality and reliability, as well as adequate cost and pleasant design of the equipment - all this is offered to its customers by the Korting trademark.

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