You bought a laptop with a built-in camera orpurchased it separately to your computer? Now you have a lot of questions related to it. This article will tell your readers how to use the webcam at home to communicate with friends and family, for video surveillance, etc. If you came to any person 20 years ago and said that at the moment you can organize a videoconference - for example, to contact distant relatives who are at the other end of the world, but not only to talk to him, but also the opportunity to see it with your own eyes, for sure would think that you are a magician or a charlatan. To date, everyone knows such a word as a videoconference, because almost all people have encountered or heard about such a device as a webcam. Because this device together with the social program suits these videoconferences. In this article we will look at how to use the web camera.

Using the web camera

Considering how to use a web camera to begin with, you need to figure out what kinds of web cameras exist, and what features it can perform.

Web cameras are divided into two types

  • External web camera - connects via a USB cable to a laptop or computer, you can put it on a flat surface or attach to a monitor.
  • Built-in web camera - built-in laptop or PC monitor, it has worse image quality than the external one.

The most useful and main function is video communication. With the help of a web camera you can not only communicate with a person, but also see it with your own eyes.

It can also record video andphotographs. At the present time, this miracle of technology is used not only as surveillance cameras at enterprises, but also at home, as security systems. If you try to rob your apartment, the camera will immediately react to the traffic and begin the recording and by mail will send you a message about the break-in. You have time to call the police and catch a thief. But the possibility of using its functions is not limited to this. You can also use a webcam to also communicate with other webcams anywhere in the world and watch life in other countries online.

Working with the camera

So, first you need to install a web camera. To do this, free the camera from the installation material and attach it in a convenient place. Now, using the USB cable, it goes with the camera, connect it to any USB port. Then everything depends on what OS is installed on the PC. If you have Linux installed, then run the built-in program xawtv, in Windows there are no such programs, then you should use the installation CD with the camera or download the resource from the official website of the manufacturer of the purchased device.

To use the web camera, you must installon your PC special software. And this does not affect the purpose for which the web camera will be used, felts for videoconferencing, or arrange a video surveillance at home. Here is a list of the most common programs that use for web cameras, they are responsible for the necessary functions.

  • Skype - video communication, video communication
  • WebCam2000 1.65 - image images
  • DigiCams - link to other webcams around the world
  • WebCam Spy - video surveillance organization

In order for the webcam to turn on, just run the program you need.

If you have a question about how to usebuilt-in web camera in your monitor or laptop, try downloading the program - Arcsoft vebcam Companion 3. You can also configure and test the camera by going to Control Panel - Scanners and cameras.

In addition, do not forget that when buying a device, it must be accompanied not only with the user's manual, but also with a program disc.

Now you've learned how to use the webcamera laptop or computer, learned what programs are needed to work with the web camera. Now you can easily chat with your friends and relatives, even from different parts of the world!

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