The most terrible thing for a car enthusiast is not to find his owncar in the place where it was left to them. The lack of auto can be explained by two reasons: he was hijacked, or forcibly evacuated to the parking lot. How to act in the first case knows every driver. But in the second, not everyone knows where to go to take it.

Where did the car go?

So, if you evacuate the car, where to call youdo not know, then do not panic. First of all, you should make a call to the police and find out where the car is. Because only police officers can help to understand the situation. If you were told that your car is not listed in the parking lot, then it was hijacked, then you need to urgently go to the police and write a statement about the theft. If your car was forcibly evacuated, then you need to ask for what reason. You should also ask the police to dictate to you the telephone number of the help desk, which deals with the forced transportation of cars to the parking lot in your city. After that, you should call the information desk and find out where and why your car was evacuated. It should be noted that in some cases the dispatcher does not immediately report the information you are interested in, since the tow truck has not yet managed to deliver your car to the parking lot, and to find out, you will have to wait a while. Sometimes evacuators have to transport cars across the city, as the nearest parking lots are all occupied. Call until you can not find out exactly where your car is at the moment. Also it is necessary to ask to dictate to you the address and phone of a parking place where cars are evacuated.

We take away the car from the parking lot

To pick up your car from the busyou need to call the provided phone number and find out if he really was evacuated to this parking lot. If the answer is positive, then it should be clarified what needs to be done to return him. If the documents are left in the car, then you need to declare this in the parking lot, since without them you will not be able to get the car back. You should immediately go for a car, so you will pay much less for her stay at the parking lot. As a rule, after presenting the necessary documents on the car and paying a fine, you can regain your car. Now you know how to find out where the car was evacuated, and do not panic.

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