In general, when you hear the question - can you mix gasoline, the negative answer itself begs. Well, how can you mix two different types of gasoline?

But, if you go deep into the problem, then alreadyyou can think about. Everyone knows that at most domestic gas stations (nothing personal, just a bitter experience), gasoline is not high-quality, to put it mildly.

About gasoline and gas stations

Very often gasoline with an octane rating of 95,are obtained by adding additives to the 92nd gasoline. But, again, we can say that the 92nd and 98th are straight-ahead. Although here many will disagree. Returning to the conversation about increasing the octane number with the help of additives, I want to say that these same additives can have a negative effect on individual components (catalyst, etc.).

Then we can conclude that the problems with the engine arise from poor-quality gasoline, and not from mixing in the tank of different gasoline. Is it so? Can I interfere with gasoline?

Ignition of each car is set fora separate type of fuel, that is, a change in the octane number of gasoline that will theoretically occur when mixing different gasoline will adversely affect the performance of the car (detonation, etc.). Although, filling a full tank of 98th at the gas station, you can not be sure that your tank will fill up to the edges with the 98th rather than the 95th or 92nd or 80th, or at all with some mix of these varieties.

The situation in Russia

Most modern cars haveautomatic detonation sensor, which itself adjusts the engine for gasoline in the tank. Often such sensors are equipped with cars, especially for Russia (here it should become a shame for the power). In this case, the automatics will adjust all the units for gasoline and even the fact that when mixing gasoline with a different octane number it is mixed by layers here does not particularly interfere.

Of course, mixing gasoline is not very good, but the feedback of owners who practice such "cocktails" testifies that there is nothing lethal in this.

At the beginning of the article, the question is whether it is possible to interferegasoline, I really wanted to answer in the negative, now my head is troubled. It can be summed up - it all depends on the particular car and petrol taken, as sometimes clean gasoline can do much harm, and sometimes mixing two grades of high-quality gasoline can increase the efficiency of the engine of your car.

The most high-quality gasoline in Russia is fueled at the refuels of LUKOIL and Neste.

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