In 2007, the company "Apple" asked a new rounddevelopment of mobile phones, introducing its first iPhone. He quickly gained popularity and to this day makes people take turns at the shop door on Fifth Avenue in New York before the start of sales. The iPhone has many functions and options for their implementation in life. An incredible number of games will not get bored, and a large selection of programs for solving business processes will satisfy, perhaps, almost everyone. But among other things, the iPhone is very convenient and easy to watch movies, especially if you are going to a far train and do not want to take a weighty laptop with you. If you are a new owner of the iPhone, then, for sure, you immediately have a question about how to download a movie on the iPhone. And then you have two options.

iTunes Store

Perhaps the easiest way to download a movie onThe iPhone is the iTunes Store. You can get into it either via iTunes on your computer, or directly from the iPhone. Then you need to go to the appropriate category, we are interested in the category "Films". Next, you need to choose a movie from the popular one or take a choice on the genres of the movie, or use the search if you are interested in a particular film. All iTunes movies are paid, but you are offered a choice. You can buy a movie for the full cost, in which case it will always be available, or you can rent it, but it will be available for viewing only for 48 hours. After you have bought or rented the movie, it will download and appear in the "Mediathek" (if you do it via iTunes on your computer), then in the "iPhone" tab in the "Movies" section, tick the movie that you downloaded, then on the button "Synchronize" or "Apply", which will be in the lower right corner.

Pirated content

The second method is no less simple, butuniquely costly method. You just need to find the movie of interest in the right format, namely "mp4". You can find it anywhere, whether it's torrent trackers or a simple query in the search engine. After you have downloaded the movie of the desired format, you need to add it to the iTunes "Mediathek". You can simply transfer the file from one window to the iTunes window or select the "Add file to the library" option from the "File" drop-down menu in the iTunes window. Then the actions are the same as those described above. You go to the "iPhone" tab, then "Movies" and select the desired movie by ticking, start the synchronization. After that, the question of how to download a movie on the iPhone will cease to be difficult for you.

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