Probably, every motorist has a momentin practice, when he himself or the master of the SRT asks this question: why is the machine heated? An overheated engine is a big problem for the car and your wallet. So, the most well-known cases when the machine is heated:

  1. Malfunction of thermostat. Clogging the valve assembly leads to the fact that the coolant "chases" through a small circle of circulation, not having time to cool the engine.
  2. Insufficient amount of liquid in the cooling system (water, antifreeze, antifreeze). Perhaps due to defects in the nozzles, cracks in the radiator, destruction of the pump parts.
  3. Poor air cooling efficiency of the radiator. Causes: clogged radiator, weak functionality of the fan drive, a malfunction of the sensor of the electric drive of the fan.
  4. Continuous operation of the engine in atypical conditions. It's downtime in traffic jams, long lifts of a loaded car at low speeds. In this case, the fan's own power is not enough, and the oncoming airflow is absent, as a result of which cooling does not occur, and that's why the machine heats.
  5. Incorrect adjustment of the ignition system andinjection - the end of burning of fuel is displaced by the moment of release of the fulfilled gases. There is a perceptible increase in the temperature of the exhaust gases, and the engine receives half of the heat from the exhaust system.
  6. It should be noted the case when the motor is heated. This is work on the run-in mode after overhaul (about 2-4 thousand km of run). Here it is necessary to closely monitor the sensors and not overload the motor more than the normal running-in rate.

To sum up, remember, the car is a complicatedmechanism. And the mechanisms like maintenance and constant monitoring, so if the machine gets warm, do not leave it without attention. In time, identify the cause and eliminate it.

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