License plates for cars are not just a collectionletters and numbers. All of them have their meaning and are written for a reason. For car enthusiasts and ordinary passers-by it will be useful to know what the letters mean on the numbers of modern cars.


  1. One letter ahead of the numbers and two behind mean a series of license plate.
  2. The letters RUS in the right separate part of the license plate mean that the car belongs to a Russian citizen.
  3. At the moment it is allowed to use in the signs 12 letters of the Cyrillic alphabet, which have analogues in Latin. This is X, Y, T, C, P, O, H, M, K, E, A, B.

On the red color numbers that are issuedforeign citizens and embassy missions, the use of the letter of the Latin alphabet D is also permitted. The combination of letters on such numbers means:

  • CD - a car with such letters belongs to the ambassador or the head of the diplomatic mission.
  • CC - the car belongs to the consul or the head of the consular representation.
  • D - the car belongs to the consulate or diplomatic mission, or to its employee with diplomatic status
  • T - the car belongs to the employee of the consulate or diplomatic mission, which does not have diplomatic status, that is, administrative and technical personnel.


  1. The three numbers between the letters of the series indicate the number of the sign.
  2. Two or three digits, located in a separate rectangle to the right - the region number. Some regions use several codes.

Now you can determine by license plate from which region the car, as well as who is driving.

Lucky road!

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