Very few people enjoy washing dishes,However, this routine duty can not be avoided. There is only one way out: the dishwasher. In Russia, this device is completely undeservedly unpopular, which can not be said about the countries of the West. It was there, back in the late nineteenth century, this device was invented, greatly simplifying life. If you also decided to get rid of manual washing of dishes, then you need to know how to choose a dishwasher.

A little about the principles of work

Before you find out which of the cars is largerIt suits you, you need to understand its principle of action. In modern dishwashers, dirty dishes are placed in baskets and trays, which are designed for different types of dishes. So, as a rule, put down the size pans and frying pans, and already above - cups, plates, cutlery and glasses.

As well as the washing machine, the dishwasher is connected to the water supply and to the sewage system - and this has its own subtleties.

It is possible to connect machines as cold water (asand do with most machines), and to hot. Manufacturers recommend connecting to cold water for several reasons: it is cleaner than hot water, and also does not depend on summer outages of hot water. The minus of this option is a large expenditure of electricity. Connecting the machine to hot water will be more economical.

In addition, there are special mixers that allow the machine to work not only from hot, but also from cold water, but they cost about $ 100.

Built-in dishwasher: how to choose

When answering this question, one must proceed from the fact that,how many dishes you have, and how often you need to wash it. To less often start the car you can buy the most frequently used dishes - dishes and cups.

If you do not have large spaces,and dishes should not be washed much, the optimal models will be dishwashers worth no more than $ 300, such as Bosch SKT3002 (45 * 55 * 46 cm; 4 sets of dishes) or Electrolux ESF235 (46 * 45 * 48 cm; 5 sets of dishes ). Also inexpensive models are in Zanussi, Whirlpool, LG, Ardo, Candy, Gorenje.

For eight sets, you can buy a car for $ 400, such as Indesit D41 (85 * 45 * 60 cm, 8 sets), and for $ 450 you can buy a built-in machine Ariston LI42 (82 * 44.5 * 55 cm, 8 sets).

For more money you can affordhigh-end models, for example from the brands Miele, AEG and Asko. These machines have an elite design, as well as high-quality operating functions and water saving.


How to choose a good dishwasher of the right size

It all depends on the size of your family and the amount of dirty dishes. Modern manufacturers have three categories of machines:

  1. Full-sized (60 * 60 * 85 cm, designed for 12 - 14 sets of dishes)
  2. Narrow (45 cm wide, designed for 6 - 9 sets)
  3. Compact (total 45 * 55 * 45 cm, designed for 4 - 5 sets).

It is worth noting that in the family from three to fivea person a day accumulates about a dozen cookware sets, without taking into account pans and other. Manufacturers advise to take the car with a small margin and turn it on once a day.

Modes and Functions

Asked how to choose the right dishwasher, it will be necessary to learn more about its modes and functions.

The standard dishwasher has four washing modes:

  1. Economic mode (55 C °) - for dishes of medium pollution,
  2. fast (can save up to 20 percent of water and electricity) - for little-contaminated dishes,
  3. intensive (65-75 ° C) - for very dirty dishes,
  4. For very strong soiling, it is recommended to first turn on the soaking mode to soften the dried food residue.

Also, before loading dishes, it is advisable to wash off large residues with water.

Thus, the temperature regimes are chosen takingcontamination, as well as the type of dishes. So, for example, in the same load can be presented as a normal and crystal dishes, but you should choose a gentle mode with low temperature.

It is worth remembering that washing at temperatures greater than 35-40 ° C can cause not only cracks in the thin dishes, but also the erasure of the pattern.

In addition to washing modes, dishwashers have useful functions:

  • Delay on (allows deferring on for up to 24 hours)
  • Half load (economy mode for which full loading is not required by the dishes)
  • Variable sink (it increases the cleanliness of washing and reduces water consumption)
  • Heated dishes (makes a nice temperature plate)


In the matter of choosing a dishwasher,safety and noise are important criteria. It should be noted that the design of the machine is safe - international certificates confirm the protection of the user from mechanical injuries and electric shock, and special protection against leaks will save you from the "flood". Despite this, it is important to follow the installation and operation rules. Also on the doors of the car there is a special lock, which ensures that the child can not open it during operation and is scalded.

Noise arising from the operation of modern machines,about the same as when talking in a whisper, which allows you to wash dishes even at night. The noise level is determined by the level of equipment loading, as well as by the correctness of its installation.

So, this is the main thing that you need to know whenchoosing such a useful machine as a dishwasher. In conclusion, it should be added that this device is very easy to operate - it is carried out by the power-on buttons on the front panel, as well as the program selection controls and washing functions. Man's work is minimized - just press a few buttons and the machine will do everything you need.

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