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How to assemble the wheel?

The wheel is the most important part of the bike. Properly assembled and balanced wheels last longer, and also allow your bike to travel long distances faster and easier. How to assemble the wheel - our article will tell.

Materials and tools for assembly

  • Bicycle bushings;
  • double rims;
  • bicycle knitting needles;
  • spoke wrench;
  • flat blade screwdriver.

Wheel assembly process

  1. Spread the nine spokes in one flange so that there is space between them and the needle tips are in this case from the outside.
  2. Then the first spoke must be installed in the rim and the nipple wrapped in two full turns. This spoke will be the key.
  3. Find the fourth hole, counting from the key knob in the clockwise direction, and then insert the second needle and tighten the nipple.
  4. Insert the seven spokes in the same way, passing three holes.
  5. Check that the key is on the left side of the nipple.
  6. It is also necessary to check that the tenth spoke has no intersections with the key.
  7. After the tenth needle is inserted, the remaining eight tension spokes of the left side must be installed as described above.
  8. Next, proceed to insert the spokes, the tips of which will be on the inside of the flange.
  9. Insert the first spoke into the bushing hole and wrap the nipple of the needle in such a way that the spokes previously delivered are distributed tangentially to the flange of the bushing.
  10. The first tensioning needle must have an intersection with three installed spokes.
  11. Insert the tension pins so that each spoke is on the outside of the two spokes it crosses and crosses the third.

The process of the tension of the spokes

  1. Before tightening the spokes, check that all nipples are twisted
    the same.
  2. Tighten each nipple of the knitting needle one turn, starting from the hole under the nipple of the chamber.
  3. Tighten each nipple of the knitting needle half a turn, starting from the vent hole.
  4. Collect the wheel on the wheeled machine (stand). If this equipment is not installed, place the wheel on the bicycle.
  5. Examine the wheel for irregularities: vertical and horizontal.
  6. Then you need to fix them.

Eliminating buildup irregularities

Horizontal unevenness

  1. Let's imagine that part of the rim has a displacement to the right side in a section consisting of four spokes, with two spokes directed to the right flange, and two to the left.
  2. In this case, it is necessary to tighten the left nipple of the spokes by 1/4 turn, and
    the right nipple is required, on the contrary, to weaken also by a quarter of a turn.
  3. As a result, part of the rim will move to the left side.
  4. Find the offset of the rim to the left and balance the unevenness as described above.

Vertical unevenness

  1. Find the portion of the wheel that is farthest from the axis of the bushing.
  2. Approach the found area to the bushing by tensioning the spokes.
  3. Let us imagine that the section contains two left nipples of spokes and one right.
  4. In this case, it is necessary to twist the two left nipples half a turn, and the right one to one. As a result of these actions, the rim protrusion will retract.
  5. Find other irregularities and correct the same pattern.

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