Sumo is a traditional Japanese wrestling. More details about the different types of fighting you can learn from the Martial Arts section.

The answer to the question of how many sumo wrestlers weigh is notwill be unambiguous. On average, their weight is 120-140 kg, although in the history of sumo there were also giants weighing more than 200 kg. The minimum weight of a novice wrestler is not less than 75 kg. The heaviest wrestler sumo weighed 265 kg.

Fighter weight is the main factor of success and variousachievements in sumo. But the Japanese wrestler is not just a huge fat man. These athletes, as a rule, have a very good command of their body. And the weight of weight helps them to stand on their feet during the struggle. To fall down or let yourself be pushed out of the circle means a complete defeat in sumo.

To gain such a big weight, wrestlersadhere to the special high-calorie diet consisting of fatty foods and cereals. On the day they consume 20,000 calories, but that it does not lose strength, the fighters trained long and hard.

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