A goalkeeper is a very important player for any team. If you are thinking about how to become a goalkeeper, and even successful, you should familiarize yourself with the features of his role.

Goalkeeper Qualities

In the actions of any goalkeeper there are two maincomponents: physical endurance and moral stamina. Even if the goalkeeper knows how to make unique throws, to reflect complex strokes, but at the same time, missing a ridiculous goal, falls in spirit, it will be for him a huge minus. That's why the goalkeeper should not give in to emotions. It is necessary to develop a habit of remaining cold-blooded in any situation.

Do not be afraid of the ball or the puck. Psychological attitude is very important in any sport. To get rid of this fear, it is enough to conduct several trainings with a partner, who will beat at the gate from different angles and with varying strength.

In addition, you should not be afraid to engage in a fightfor the ball or the puck. When it comes to protecting the gate, you should only think about it. If you are afraid that a player flying at you will "pull" your brains or break your nose, nothing good will come of it. Remember the famous phrase: "The coward does not play hockey." And football, too. Therefore, if you feel fear, or immediately get rid of it, or throw this sport and sit down for checkers.

Very important reaction goalkeeper. He should be able to react in a split second to the direction of the ball and take the necessary decision.

Among other things, the goalkeeper must beextremely attentive. It just seems that the main action takes place away from the goalkeeper. The gates are constantly being stormed. It is necessary to distract for a second - and you can "shlopopat" goal.

The goalkeeper must be able to predict manymoments, so you can even say that he must have developed a good intuition. There are situations when the outcome of the game depends on the choice of which way to jump. Left or right - how to determine if both options are possible? Only intuition will help.

Summarizing, we can distinguish the following features of a good goalkeeper:

  • composure,
  • fearlessness,
  • fast reaction,
  • attentiveness and concentration,
  • foresight and good intuition.

This is not all the features of a good goalkeeper, howeveryou can begin with this. To become a good goalkeeper, you need to train a lot both physically and morally, to sharpen technique and skill every day. Only hard work can lead you to victory.

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